Timeline2GUI: A Log2Timeline CSV parser and training scenarios

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Debinski, M., Breitinger, F., & Mohan, P. (2019). Timeline2GUI: A Log2Timeline CSV parser and training scenarios. Digital Investigation, 28, 34 - 43.

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Article in Scientific Journal


Crimes involving digital evidence are getting more complex due to the increasing storage capacities and utilization of devices. Event reconstruction (i.e., understanding the timeline) is an essential step for investigators to understand a case where a prominent tool is Log2Timeline (a tool that creates super timelines which is a combination of several log files and events throughout a system). While these timelines provide great evidence and help to understand a case, they are complex and require tools as well as training scenarios. In this paper we present Timeline2GUI an easy-to-use python implementation to analyze CSV log files create by Log2Timeline. Additionally, we present three training scenarios -- beginner, intermediate and advanced -- to practice timeline analysis skills as well as familiarity with visualization tools. Lastly, we provide a comprehensive overview of tools.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair for Data and Application Security

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