An Overview of the Usage of Default Passwords

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Knieriem, B., Zhang, X., Levine, P., Breitinger, F., & Baggili, I. (2018). An Overview of the Usage of Default Passwords. Paper presented at the International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime (ICDF2C).

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Paper in Conference Proceedings


The recent Mirai botnet attack demonstrated the danger of using default passwords and showed it is still a major problem. In this study we investigated several common applications and their password policies. Specifically, we analyzed if these applications: (1) have default passwords or (2) allow the user to set a weak password (i.e., they do not properly enforce a password policy). Our study shows that default passwords are still a significant problem: 61% of applications inspected initially used a default or blank password. When changing the password, 58% allowed a blank password, 35% allowed a weak password of 1 character.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair for Data and Application Security