Alignment-free cancelable iris biometric templates based on adaptive bloom filters

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Rathgeb, C., Breitinger, F., & Busch, C. (2013). Alignment-free cancelable iris biometric templates based on adaptive bloom filters. Paper presented at the Biometrics (ICB).

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Paper in Conference Proceedings


Biometric characteristics are largely immutable, i.e. unprotected storage of biometric data provokes serious privacy threats, e.g. identity theft, limited re-newability, or cross-matching. In accordance with the ISO/IEC 24745 standard, technologies of cancelable biometrics offer solutions to biometric information protection by obscuring biometric signal in a non-invertible manner, while biometric comparisons are still feasible in the transformed domain. In the presented work alignment-free cancelable iris biometrics based on adaptive Bloom filters are proposed. Bloom filter-based representations of binary biometric templates (iris-codes) enable an efficient alignment-invariant biometric comparison while a successive mapping of parts of a binary biometric template to a Bloom filter represents an irreversible transform. In experiments, which are carried out on the CASIA - v 3 iris database, it is demonstrated that the proposed system maintains biometric performance for diverse iris recognition algorithms, protecting biometric templates at high security levels.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair for Data and Application Security

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