At the crossroads between digital innovation and digital transformation

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Gregory, R. W., Wagner, H.-T., Tumbas, S., & Drechsler, K. (2019). At the crossroads between digital innovation and digital transformation. Paper presented at the 40th International Conference on Information Systems, Munich, Germany. (VHB_3: A)

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Consumerization, democratization, and platform business logics are not only creating opportunities for new product development, new business models, and new ways of organizing, but in addition are also driving the transformation of established organizational resources and routines. This PDW is designed to address questions at the intersection of digital innovation and digital transformation. These topics are interrelated as successive waves of digital innovation within an industry or at the level of an individual firm and its ecosystem may lead to fundamental transformation of structures, roles and management, culture, competencies and skills, and so forth, depending on the influence of barriers such as inertia and resistance to change. By exploring how and why the new organizing logic of digital innovation impacts and transforms incumbent firms, the workshop addresses questions from four different areas: (1) Why the new logic of digital innovation triggers a digital transformation in incumbent firms; (2) the drivers of this digital transformation in incumbent firms’ immediate environment; (3) how these drivers may under certain conditions alter the structure, strategy, culture, competencies, skills and technology platforms of incumbent firms; (4) the trajectories of digital transformation journeys inside incumbent firms.


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