Thinking in terms of processes has proven its value in modern companies in increasing the efficiencies of workflows and improving the quality of products and services. Continuous improvement and radical innovation are core elements of successful process management.

In our research, we look at Business Process Management (BPM) from an innovation- and value-oriented perspective. Our goal is to identify, evaluate, and develop further the potential of information and communication technologies in organizations.

We focus on the potential and application of new digital technologies like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, process mining, social media, and distributed ledger technologies. We take a holistic view of BPM in research, teaching, and transfer projects, the latter of which are regularly carried out in cooperation with corporate partners. We consider not only the technological and methodological aspects of digital technologies, but also their organizational and social success factors.

Selected Projects

EU-Funded Research Projects


  • BPM and Organizational Theory: An Integrated Reference Curriculum Design Reference Module Design for Explorative Business Process Management (in Zusammenarbeit mit WU Wien, Universität zu Köln und Radboud University)
  • Reference Module Design for Explorative Business Process Management
  • Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Application Scenarios and Recommendations



  • Online Learning Modules for Business Process Management (BPM) – Advanced Higher Education Reference Module Design for Explorative Business Process Management (in Zusammenarbeit mit WU Wien und Universität Bayreuth)
  • Gender Equality in Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Game-based Skill Assessment and Development
  • Messen und Fördern der Informationskompetenz von Digital Natives in der Bodenseeregion


Selected Publications

Organizational aspects of BPM:

Govindarajan, V., Srivastava, A., Grisold, T., & Klammer, A. (2020). COVID-Imposed Opportunity to Selectively Unlearn Past Practices. California Management Review, 63(1).


Role of Digital Technologies:

Hacker, J., vom Brocke, J., Handali, J., Otto, M., & Schneider, J. (2020). Virtually in this together–how web-conferencing systems enabled a new virtual togetherness during the COVID-19 crisis. European Journal of Information Systems, 1-22.

Grisold, T., Mendling, J., Otto, M., & vom Brocke, J. (2021). Adoption, Use and Management of Process Mining in Practice. Business Process Management Journal.


Digital Innovation:

Tumbas, S., Berente, N., & vom Brocke, J. (2018). Digital Innovation and Institutional Entrepreneurship: Chief Digital Officer Perspectives of their Emerging Role. Journal of Information Technology, 33(3), 188-202. 

Groß, S., Stelzl, K., Grisold, T., Mendling, J., Röglinger, M., & vom Brocke, J. (2021). The Business Process Design Space for Exploring Process Redesign Alternatives. Business Process Management Journal

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