Design Thinking in Virtual Reality: Feasibility Study

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, January 2019 until December 2019 (finished)


Institute of Information Systems

Main Research

Business Process Management

Field of Research

Immersive Systems


Design thinking, an approach that is used to structure and solve various types of business problems, has been applied successfully by numerous companies for many years-especially to produce user-friendly innovations. The aim of this research project is to evaluate the applicability of virtual reality to design thinking. While the use of virtual reality offers numerous advantages, including cost and time savings, new possibilities for documentation, and virtual prototyping, it is unclear whether concepts inherent in the design-thinking approach, such as collaboration, communication, and creativity, can be effectively implemented in virtual reality. The research project does not cover a prototypical implementation but serves as a feasibility study to evaluate possible applications for virtual-reality technologies. In particular, this project identifies the benefits and risks of using virtual reality for design thinking, evaluates the technical feasibility, and develops application scenarios.


virtual reality, design thinking

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