Alliance for developing, teaching and training Digital Forensics and Incident Response students and practitioners

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Type and Duration

ERASMUS, September 2020 until February 2023


Hilti Chair for Data and Application Security

Main Research

Business Process Management

Field of Research

Digital Innovation


This project aims to form a Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR) Alliance who can serve as experts in the domain but more importantly
will develop an up to date curricula for this domain. First, the
alliance will analyze the most needed skills jointly with other experts
in the field (e.g., law enforcement agencies) which will result in a
skillmap. This skillmap will be shared so that cybersecurity / digital
forensic programs can adjust their curriculum accordingly. Second, this project will develop course material -- theoretical as well as hands on -- which will be shared with the public and utilized by the partnering institutions. The project will be carried out
University of Liechtenstein, University Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Waterford
Institute of Technology, and Brno University of Technology.

Principal Investigator