Continuing Education in Information Systems

The demand and desire for ‘lifelong learning’ are omnipresent. The Institute of Information Systems, the knowledge centre in the field of information systems at the University of Liechtenstein, meets this demand of the working world and society. Our continuing education program offers continuing development of knowledge and skills.

Our continuing education programs were developed in lively dialog with renowned representatives from business and administration and are conducted with a strong focus on supporting professional careers in international environments. For us, as a university, these programs help students equip themselves with new skills and increase their value on the job market.

The continuing education program of the Institute of Information Systems is modular which facilitates individualization. We also offer customized in-house training courses to our customers.

Continuing education series on digitalization

What is  ‘digitalization’? How does it differ from digitization? What are its opportunities and possibilities for your company? As part of the new training series on digitalization, we offer ten workshops that examine various aspects of digitalization, including innovation, data, processes, and security.

This new training series is only available in German language. You will be redirected to the German site with the link below.

Continuing education series Digitalization

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