Practice-oriented Publications

Members of the Institute of Information Systems regularly publish their research results in internationally renowned journals. The Institute has also published several books that serve as the basis for numerous courses worldwide.

A list of all publications of the Institute of Information Systems follows.

Business Process Management Cases

This book offers a rich selection of more than thirty real-world cases that demonstrate how leading organizations are doing business process management (BPM). Drawn from a variety of industries and countries, the cases report on best practices and lessons learned and demonstrate how BPM can contribute to both exploitation and exploration in a digital world. All cases are presented using a consistent structure and provide valuable insights and guidance to students and practitioners.

Design Science Research Cases

Design science research (DSR) has become an established paradigm in information systems research over the last twenty years. The goal of DSR is to generate knowledge about how to find innovative solutions to problems in the form of models, methods, constructs, and instantiations. With a collection of twelve DSR cases presented by experienced researchers in the field, the book describes DSR studies from the field, along with the authors’ reflections on their research processes. These cases will assist researchers who wish to engage in DSR and are valuable additions to existing introductions to DSR methods and processes. Readers learn from the practical experiences of respected experts who have conducted extensive DSR in a variety of application contexts.

Handbook on Business Process Management

Co-edited by Jan vom Brocke and Michael Rosemann (Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia), this book is considered standard literature in business process management. The handbook comprises two volumes and more than fifty chapters by more than 100 authors who explain the state of the art in BPM based on six core elements.

Enterprise Content Management in Information Systems Research

Edited by Jan vom Brocke and Alexander Simons, this book presents fundamentals, methods, and application examples from the field of enterprise content management (ECM). The book is made up primarily of research papers from the field of information systems but also includes contributions from practice. Its objective is to close the increasingly large gap between science and practice in the ECM field.

Green Business Process Management

Green Business Process Management: Towards the Sustainable Enterprise, a book by Jan vom Brocke, Stefan Seidel and Jan Recker (at the time of publication: Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia), addresses the question concerning how organizational work processes can be designed to foster sustainability. The book presents current challenges in designing sustainable business practices, including methods, models and case studies from international experts.

BPM – Driving Innovation in a Digital World

This volume, edited by Jan vom Brocke and Theresa Schmiedel, looks at process management in the context of innovation and digitalization. The book combines scientific and practical insights and presents comprehensive perspectives from 35 authors from more than ten countries bringing together views from leading experts in the field of process management.