The Institute for Business Law and its chairs conduct research with a main focus on wealth management, private economic law, public economic law, European law and international private law. The results, being presented through publications and at symposia, benefit the legal development in the 4-country-region. The research also serves the knowledge transfer as well as education and continuing education and thus provides a pool of legal know-how for Liechtenstein's economy, public sector and legal counselling.

Examples from the research portfolio:

  • Liechtensteinische Gesellschaften im internationalen Privatrecht
  • Strukturierung zur Unternehmensnachfolge
  • Asset Protection - Recht und Wirtschaft im nationalen und internationalen Umfeld
  • Trusts in Civil Law and Mixed Jurisdictions
  • Analyse der Pflichten der FMA Liechtenstein unter dem Regime des Europäischen Bankaufsichtsrechts
  • Reform der Bankenaufsicht