Individual Career Coaching

Not only at the end of their study time but from the third semester onwards, students should start thinking about their future career options. The University of Liechtenstein offers students the opportunity for an individual career coaching in order to elevate their personals strengths and provide them a head start for their professional career.

The career coaching will prepare students to ask the right questions during interviews and assessment centres, which will ultimately support them in their quest for finding a job or internship that meets their personal profile and interests.

Students interested in a coaching can sign up for one of the dates mentioned above.

Duration of a coaching: app. 60 minutes
Location: University of Liechtenstein
Costs: free of charge for University of Liechtenstein students

Coaching sessions can be conducted in English and German.


Individual and professional positioning
Who am I?
What are my strength?
What do I want?

Discover possibilities in the professional world
Which industries and business types are there?
What job opportunities are there?
Is self-employment an option for me?
Clarifying contract issues

Which companies suit me?
Which positions fit my skills?

Application process     
Application documents
Job interviews
Assessment centres
Working contracts


Councelling appointments can be done by contacting Markus Kühne or Patrik Sonderegger on or +423 265 11 14


Markus Kühne & Patrik Sonderegger