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Amendment of the student regulations

To cope with the COVID 19 crisis, the University of Liechtenstein has decided to temporarily change the student regulations.

With the senate resolution of 29.04.2020, the temporary change of the student regulations was decided to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. It comes into force on the date of the resolution.

All measures taken should contribute to ensuring the academic success of the students of the University of Liechtenstein and that students do not suffer any disadvantages in the course of their studies despite the special circumstances. In addition, the changes make it easier for prospective students to register for studies at the University of Liechtenstein, which will in any case begin in September 2020 either in classroom mode, if necessary with virtualized teaching, or in a hybrid form.

The changes primarily entail extended deadlines for proving the required language skills for admission to a Bachelor's or Master's program, the elimination of the regulation on minimum academic achievements, and deviating regulations in the study and examination regulations as well as the doctoral regulations, so that examinations are possible even if attendance at public educational institutions in Liechtenstein is prohibited due to the COVID 19 crisis.

All details are contained in the "First Regulations on the Amendment of the Student Regulations of the University of Liechtenstein from 29 April 2020" available for download.