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Continuation of classroom teaching - questions and answers

Status: 29.10.2020

Dear students, lecturers and employees

The protection concept of the University of Liechtenstein has so far proven itself and no infections have occurred on campus. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all members of the University for supporting this approach, which was intended to ensure the highest possible level of security on the one hand, and to enable teaching to be carried out in the presence of the students on the other.

In view of the current developments in Liechtenstein and its neighboring countries, many university members are asking questions about presence teaching, which we are gladly prepared to answer:

On 28.10.2020, Switzerland issued a ban on on-site teaching at universities from Monday, 2.11.2020. Why does the University of Liechtenstein continue teaching on campus?

The Ministry of Education of the Principality of Liechtenstein stated in a media conference on 27.10.2020 that the protection concepts and measures in the field of education work well. Therefore, the Ministry of Education is pursuing the goal of continuing on-site teaching and containing the spread of the virus by implementing the chosen measures - such as the extended mask obligation.

Accordingly, the University of Liechtenstein will continue to give priority to face-to-face teaching while maintaining all security measures and will focus on the consistent implementation of the compulsory mask, distance and hygiene rules. At the same time, there are options for virtualization of teaching where this is reasonably possible.

How quickly would a switch to virtualized teaching take place?

In contrast to the lock-down in March, preparations for a possible switch to full virtualization of teaching are running in a more orderly fashion and already with more experience. Questions concerning the infrastructure and especially the synchronous streaming of courses have been clarified and a changeover would be possible relatively quickly if necessary. Nevertheless, university members can assume that communication on a changeover would take place at least three days before the actual date.

How are the examinations and interim reviews conducted?

As things stand today, next week's upcoming exams in exam-immanent courses with compulsory attendance and the intermediate critiques in architecture will be held on campus. A decision on the implementation of the examinations at the end of the semester will most probably be made by mid-November and communicated accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please visit the website www.uni.li/corona and contact the Corona team at health@uni.li. The updated protection concept is also available online.


Best regards, stay healthy and thank you for your support in this again very challenging phase!


Ulrike Baumöl                       Markus Jäger
Rector                                    Administrative Director