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COVID-19 - Current information on exams

Update 20.3.2020


The changes in teaching practices necessitated by the corona pandemic mean that the performance assessment of modules and courses must also be adapted to the current situation.

The Rectorate has decided that the following procedure will be followed with regard to examinations.

Lecture examinations

The lecture examinations (including repeat examinations) planned for the coming weeks will be postponed until further notice. A solution is currently being worked on so that these examinations can be made up for in May at the latest. The new dates will of course be communicated with the necessary lead time. The same applies to the final lecture examinations.

Examination-immanent courses

The performance assessment of exam-inherent courses can continue to be carried out on an ongoing basis and can be adapted to the needs or specifics of the respective course if necessary. Lecturers can use alternative forms of examination such as online video examinations or homework, seminar papers or student research projects (see above) and use them as a substitute for the planned performance assessment. Here too, care is taken to ensure that communication takes place at an early stage. At present, work is underway on the implementation of technical solutions, which are expected to be available at the beginning of the week after next.

Module examinations

In the area of module examinations in accordance with the study and examination regulations of the architecture and further education courses of study, the procedure is analogous to the above (lecture examinations, examination-immanent courses). Due to differing discipline-specific requirements in the field of architecture, deviations may occur, which will be communicated accordingly by the lecturers or those responsible for the course.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

The Bachelor and Master thesis can of course be prepared and submitted as before. For the final public presentation and defence, a solution is currently being worked on. In connection with the preparation of the final theses, we also ask you to take note of the notes on infrastructure (library).

We are also currently working on a solution with regard to the planned examinations at the end of the summer semester. We will also provide timely information in this regard.

We would like to ask everyone involved to be patient and at the same time thank all university members for their understanding, support and cooperation during this challenging time.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact gesundheit@uni.li or directly your contact persons in the respective study programs.