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COVID-19: Extension of the mask obligation and further measures

Status: 20.10.2020

Dear students, lecturers and employees

In an environment of rapidly increasing Corona virus infections in Liechtenstein and neighboring countries, the Rectorate of the University of Liechtenstein, in accordance with the regulations of the Government of Liechtenstein and the Swiss Federal Council for higher education institutions, has decided on further measures to contain the risk of spreading the virus on campus. The measures are drastic and we have not taken the decisions lightly. However, our primary goal is to maintain the ability to continue teaching mainly in classroom settings and to remain a safe place for all university members.

For this reason, the following regulations apply at the University of Liechtenstein from tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21, 2020, until further notice:

Extension of the obligation to wear masks

  • In all public indoor spaces, now also at all student workplaces and during meetings, all university members are required to wear a mouth and nose protector (MNS). This regulation also applies to two-person meetings such as staff or counseling sessions.
  • When university members visit other offices, they wear an MNS. In this case, the visitors also put on a mask - as in meetings.
  • In the classrooms, protective masks are mandatory for all students throughout the entire event. Lecturers are exempt from the obligation to wear protective masks during the performance of their own teaching, as long as the minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other attendees can be maintained. In didactic situations in which the minimum distance is not reached, lecturers are still required to wear a mouth and nose mask. Lecturers are, of course, free to wear an MNS at any time during their teaching.

Working from home

  • In order to limit the number and frequency of contacts, the Rectorate recommends that employees reduce their presence in the workplace to activities that are absolutely necessary for the company. Accordingly, teams organize themselves independently to ensure both smooth operations and the greatest possible protection.
  • Each department ensures the availability (telephone, e-mail) of all employees as well as sufficient physical presence of employees in the offices to handle tasks on site.

Further regulations

  • Aperitifs are no longer permitted on the campus of the University of Liechtenstein (indoor/outdoor, including non-public areas)
  • In the cafeteria, tables and chairs may not be combined to form larger groups.
  • This year, we are unfortunately unable to hold a Christmas party for employees in the usual manner. The Rectorate is discussing other forms of celebration so that we can look back on this extraordinary year, and above all look forward to the future.
  • The Rectorate strongly advises against Christmas dinners or group events.

The following still applies:

  • If symptoms occur, stay at home until you are free of symptoms for one day.
  • Notification of officially confirmed infections or official quarantine notices to health@uni.li - for students with a copy to the respective contact person in the Student Services Department. The orders of the contact tracers and infection teams must be followed without fail.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the website www.uni.li/corona or the Corona team at health@uni.li.


We may expect all members of the University to behave responsibly outside of the University of Liechtenstein.

Thank you very much for your continued support and stay healthy.

Best regards

Ulrike Baumöl

Markus Jäger
Administrative Director


Updated Protection Concept (20.10.2020)