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Immediate switch to virtualized teaching

Status: 2.11.2020

The Rectorate of the University of Liechtenstein, in agreement with the Government and the School Board, has decided to close the campus to public access and students from tomorrow Tuesday, November 3, 2020, probably by the end of the year, and to fully virtualize teaching.

With a coordinated protection concept, ongoing communication on current regulations and appeals to personal responsibility, the University of Liechtenstein has attempted to make the campus a place with the highest possible level of security for all members of the university and to contribute to flattening the infection curve. The focus has always been on providing good support for the academic success of the students and their personal development through face-to-face teaching.

An essential factor for the success of a protection concept is personal responsibility. However, a case of infection in a student dormitory and a Halloween party held under these conditions now require drastic measures to contain the risk of infection. The University of Liechtenstein thus reflects the tensions of the overall social situation: discipline, common sense and personal responsibility can be admonished, but are not guaranteed!

Due to this regrettable incident, the Rectorate of the University of Liechtenstein, in consultation with the Office of Public Health, has decided to isolate the entire residence hall. In view of the unclear infection situation, the Rectorate feels compelled to determine the following steps now:

> Closure of the University of Liechtenstein for public access and for students from tomorrow Tuesday, 3.11.2020, probably until 31.12.2020.
> Complete virtualization of teaching (consecutive teaching and continuing education) with the aim of being able to conduct all teaching online again from Monday, 9.11.2020.

A decision on the implementation of examinations at the end of the semester will probably be made by mid-November and communicated accordingly.