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Reopening of the University of Liechtenstein on 8 June 2020

Update 30.4.2020

The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein presented the further roadmap for the relaxation of COVID-19 measures in a media conference today. What was previously considered a cautious assumption has now been confirmed: The Government plans to open the tertiary level and thus the University of Liechtenstein on 8 June 2020.

Roadmap and protection concept

The return to the campus is subject to security measures. The "Corona" working group is currently developing a protection concept for all university members. In addition, further clarifications with the Ministry of Education and the offices are necessary to gradually ramp up university operations, for example with regard to border crossings by students.

In principle, the measures already 'learned' will remain in place from 8 June:

> Keep your distance
> Observe hygiene
> Work from home if possible

The protection concept will inform university members about all details in a timely manner.