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Update of the protection concept - August 2020

Update: 28.8.2020

Update of the master plan and protection concept for university members
Status: 28.8.2020

The existing concept has been updated in line with the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Office of Public Health.

General remarks

Due to a COVID-19 infection case at the University of Liechtenstein and the expiration of some measures on 31.8.2020, the master plan will be updated with regulations that are valid from now until further notice.

The federal guidelines (https://bag-coronavirus.ch/) as well as those of the Office of Public Health continue to apply as a superior level, supplemented by the following specific rules for all members of the University of Liechtenstein, especially the distance and hygiene rules:

  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters
  • NEW: Mask obligation on corridors and traffic areas
  • Wear masks if maintaining distance is impossible
  • Observe hygiene

Regarding the number and density of persons, the following applies on campus and in the branch offices: A distance of at least 1.5 m must be guaranteed in offices and meeting rooms. For lectures and seminars, the maximum occupancy rates are indicated at the lecture rooms.

Opening of the buildings

Campus and branch offices are open again and accessible to university members according to the regular house rules (students, staff, lecturers).

The opening hours of the facilities (library, reception, International Office, cafeteria) are listed on the uni.li website.

General rules

Duty to wear masks

  • Since August 25, 2020, the wearing of a mouth and nose protector (MNS) is mandatory in corridors and traffic areas (including cafeteria waiting areas) on the way to or from the destination in the campus building and in the branch offices. Once at the destination (workplace, dining table, meetings, etc.), the mask can be removed.
  • This MNS is brought and worn by the university members on their own responsibility. Wearing an MNS is also obligatory in other areas and teaching rooms where, for example, the minimum distance cannot be maintained due to the didactic concept.
  • Disposable MNS are kept in the vending machine.
  • Members of the university are required to inform people without MNS about the applicable regulations and to demand compliance with the mask obligation.

Presence at the workplace

  • The autonomous determination of the working time and room allocation models per area according to the protection concept is maintained, and working from home is still possible within the framework of these specifications. Each area ensures the availability (telephone, e-mail) of all employees as well as sufficient physical presence of employees in the offices to handle tasks on site.
  • Return to the workplace while maintaining the safety distances of 1.5 meters in offices.
  • Mutual substitution must be ensured in the event that part of a team is affected by quarantine measures.


  • Meetings can be held physically in compliance with the distance rules and the maximum number of participants.
  • Meetings that require on-site presence (e.g. structural inspections and acceptances etc.) can also be held physically.
  • Meetings should be kept short and should last no longer than 1½ to 1¾ hours. After each session or during breaks in the session, the meeting room must be left empty and well ventilated for 15 to 30 minutes.


  • In principle, the University of Liechtenstein will refrain from holding public or external events until the end of the winter semester 2020/21, with exceptions being approved by the Rectorate in accordance with the current situation (government regulations, etc.).
  • Prerequisite for own events: The University of Liechtenstein is the organizer; mandatory registration by name via the event registration on uni.li and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.

Resumption of continuing education events

  • Carrying out continuing education events (conferences, meetings, seminars) in compliance with distance and hygiene regulations and the situation of adapted catering.
  • Opening the continuing education to participants who are bound to the regulations of the university by the general terms and conditions. The circle of participants is known (with prior online registration).

Business trips

  • Business trips are still not permitted. This explicitly includes one-day seminars outside the university.
  • Excursions and retreats are generally permitted, provided that all requirements regarding arrival/departure, stay and meals are met. Overnight stays are only allowed if there is a separate room for each person.


The list of states or areas with an increased risk of infection is available in the Covid 19 Ordinance, under Measures in the field of international passenger transport. This list is regularly updated. Accordingly, from 6 July 2020, all persons entering Switzerland or Liechtenstein from one of these states/areas with a high risk of infection must be placed in quarantine for ten days. The entry must be reported to the Office of Public Health within two days of entry: Information and online form.

  • University members who travel to or return from one of the above-mentioned risk countries must report this immediately to gesundheit@uni.li. The list of countries and entry regulations may change during the trip.
  • University members are responsible for compliance with quarantine regulations.
  • Employees must inform their superiors if they would have to go into quarantine for ten days due to the entry regulations of Liechtenstein or those of their country of residence.
  • The University reserves the right to decide on the regulations regarding working from home or unpaid

Contact tracing

  • The traceability of close operational contacts must be guaranteed, e.g. by a contact journal, calendar entries, or the use of the SwissCovid app (see below).
  • For each meeting, the participants and the duration of the meeting must be recorded in the minutes. If no minutes are taken, a list with these details must be created. The chairperson of the meeting is responsible for this.
  • The University of Liechtenstein recommends all members of the university to use the SwissCovid App to support efficient tracing.


  • Presence teaching in lecture halls / seminar rooms in compliance with distance and other hygiene regulations (reduced occupancy rates).
  • Room and time planning for the winter semester 2020/21 remains constant. Maximum capacities are shown for all rooms.
  • Courses will be held in the rooms provided for the study programs and - if the maximum capacity is exceeded - by using alternative online formats. If the teaching-learning setting requires a physical presence and the maximum capacity is exceeded, the wearing of protective masks is also mandatory in lecture halls and seminar rooms.
  • The decision on how the individual courses are to be conducted is made by the director of studies in consultation with the lecturers. If the capacities are sufficient for the performance in presence, it must be provided in this form.
  • Excursions in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations.
  • Further education events in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations and with catering adapted to the situation.


Master plan and protection concept, 27.8.2020