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Questions and answers about coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page answers frequently asked questions about the measures and regulations to contain the coronavirus on the campus of the University of Liechtenstein.

Status: 1 December, 2020


Where can I find current information about the Coronavirus?

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health publishes continuously updated and reliable information on the coronavirus on its website https://foph-coronavirus.ch/


Can written examinations be held on the campus of the University of Liechtenstein from January 2021?

As stated in the "direkt" newsletter of December 1, 2020, we assume that from January 2021 examinations in the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration and, if necessary, in the sector of continuing education can be held in on-site presence on campus, while the examinations in the other consecutive programs can be held in virtualized or alternative form. The relevant information will be provided directly by the study programs until mid-December 2020.

Are all exams in the bachelor's degree programme in business administration and in the sector of continuing education programmes conducted as written exams on campus?

It is up to the respective academic board to decide how an examination is to be held. The decision about the type of examination will be announced to the students in time before the examination.

Deregistration from ongoing examination procedures according Art. 35a) g. of the temporary amendment student regulations also includes the possibility to withdraw from examination procedures in the field of written theses (Dissertation, Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis). Do I have to submit a new topic when I register again?

Yes. Anyone who deregisters from the examination procedure in the field of dissertation or thesis must subsequently submit and work on a new topic. A continuation of the existing topic would be equal to an extension of the processing time and thus violate the principle of equal opportunities.

Art. 35a) e. of the temporary amendment student regulation indicates that an examination will be regarded as not taken if it is not passed (free attempt). Does this rule apply to all examinations in the winter semester? Can a free attempt be used multiple times for the same examination?

The measures taken should help to ensure that our students are not disadvantaged by possible impairments. It is not possible to limit the time (start/end) of individual corona-related impairments. Accordingly, this regulation (free attempt) applies to examinations in the winter semester from September 1, 2020.

This regulation (free attempt) applies "once" to all examinations for which no free attempt has been claimed in the past. If a free attempt was already claimed for an exam in the previous semester, it cannot be claimed again in the current semester.

If the student registers for a resit exam, she*he makes believable that she*he can take the examination properly and without any impairment. A free attempt can therefore only be claimed once for the same examination.

This regulation (free attempt) is not intended to lead to take examinations as “practice exams”. Students are therefore advised to only take the examinations if they have prepared accordingly.

Corona cases

Who do I have to inform at the University of Liechtenstein if I am ill with COVID-19?

The notification should be sent to health@uni.li - for students with a copy to the respective contact person in the Student Services Department.


How do I know if I have been in contact with infected persons if their names are not mentioned publicly, and if I have to go into quarantine?

Close contact of infected persons (more than 15 minutes of close contact at a distance of less than 1.5 meters and without mouth and nose protection), will always be personally informed about the further procedure by the contact tracers of the authorities.

What do I have to do if I had contact in my personal environment with a person who was tested positive for the new coronavirus?

In this case you may be contagious in the next few days without realizing it. Therefore, the following applies:

  • Strictly follow the rules of hygiene and conduct.
  • Observe your state of health.
  • Stay away from the campus for safety reasons. In this case, students inform gesundheit@uni.li and the respective contact person in the Student Services Department. Employees can continue working from home.

If you experience symptoms of illness: Stay at home and follow the FOPH's instructions on what to do if you experience symptoms of illness.
Only persons with whom the person with the disease was in close contact must be placed in ordered quarantine. If you have to go into quarantine, the competent authority will contact you and inform you of the procedure to be followed.

And what do I have to do if I have been in contact with a "suspected corona case" (in quarantine, but no test result available yet)?

If there are no symptoms and no order from the authorities for isolation/quarantine has been issued, it is still possible to participate in teaching or work in compliance with the rules of hygiene and conduct.

For further questions and answers regarding the procedure in case of symptoms and possible infection, we recommend the

> Questions and answers of the FOPH.

Who do I inform if I am unable to participate in training due to ordered quarantine or self-isolation?

Again, please report this to health@uni.li - for students, please send a copy to the respective contact person in the Student Services Department.