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Questions and answers about coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page answers frequently asked questions about the measures and regulations to contain the coronavirus on the campus of the University of Liechtenstein.

Status: 5 June 2020


Where can I find current information about the Coronavirus?

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health publishes continuously updated and reliable information on the coronavirus on its website https://foph-coronavirus.ch/

Opening of the campus from 8 June 2020

What does the opening of the campus mean in terms of reception, library and cafeteria?

The opening of the campus is based on the master plan or protection concept and provides for the following regulations or opening hours for the phase from 8 June to 31 August 2020:

Welcome desk (until further notice – Coronavirus)

Monday to Friday 8:30 to 11:30.
Closed from 13 to 17 July 2020.
The Unishop remains closed until further notice.

International Office

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 12:00


The library is gradually resuming operations on campus. Lending after a pre-order and return of media on site are possible again. A reduced number of workstations in the reading room is available for students and staff of the university. Further information and opening hours

Is the cafeteria open?

The cafeteria (food distribution) will remain closed, on campus the vending machines (coffee, snacks) are in use.



Can written examinations be held at the campus of the University of Liechtenstein from 8 June 2020?

As mentioned in the «direct» newsletter of 30 April 2020, the government plans to open the tertiary level and thus the University of Liechtenstein on 8 June 2020. Teaching will continue virtually until the end of the lecture period. To enable written examinations to take place on campus, the Corona Task Force has developed a protection concept. Border crossing for students travelling to take exams is possible by arrangement with the Immigration and Passport Office. From the current perspective, we assume that written examinations (observing hygiene and distance measures) can be held from 8 June 2020 - subject to possible postponements - on campus. The further timetable will be decided on 25 May 2020 at the latest.

Are all final examinations held as written examinations on campus?

No, it is up to the respective academic board to decide how an examination is to be held. The decision about the type of examination will be announced to the students in time before the examination.

Deregistration from ongoing examination procedures according Art. 35a) g. of the temporary amendment student regulations also includes the possibility to withdraw from examination procedures in the field of written theses (Dissertation, Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis). Do I have to submit a new topic when I register again?

Yes. Anyone who deregisters from the examination procedure in the field of dissertation or thesis must subsequently submit and work on a new topic. A continuation of the existing topic would be equal to an extension of the processing time and thus violate the principle of equal opportunities.

According to Art. 35a) f. of the temporary amendment student regulations a successfully passed examination can be repeated in the immediately following semester for grade improvement. Is it possible to repeat passed examinations from previous semesters for grade improvement? What does this mean for courses involving coursework that are not offered for repetition every semester?

No, this regulation only applies to those examinations that were passed in the current summer semester. The repetition of courses involving coursework to improve grades can take place as soon as possible in the subsequent implementation.

Art. 35a) e. of the temporary amendment student regulation indicates that an examination (including a resit examination) will be regarded as not taken if it is not passed (free attempt). Does this rule apply to all examinations in the summer semester? Can a free attempt be used multiple times for the same examination in the summer semester?

It is not possible to limit the timeframe (start/end) of individual corona-related impairments. Accordingly, this regulation (free attempts) applies to all examinations in the summer semester 2020.

If an examination (also a resit examination) is taken in the summer semester 2020 and passed negatively, this negative attempt – based on possible impairments – is to be regarded as a free attempt. If the student registers immediately for the repetition of the same examination in the summer semester (e.g. negative attempt in June – resit examination in August), she*he makes believable that she*he can take the examination properly and without any impairment. A free attempt can therefore be used only once for the same examination.

This regulation (free attempt) is not intended to lead to take examinations as “practice exams”. Students are therefore advised to only take the examinations if they have prepared accordingly.

International Affairs

I am an outgoing student in a country that has completely closed its universities. What should I do now?

The University of Liechtenstein generally recommends its outgoing students to follow the measures and regulations of the host university and, for example, take advantage of the opportunities for remote learning. This can also be done from the home country after national return operations. Students who are concerned should always contact the International Office of the University of Liechtenstein in advance.

And what should I do if I am enrolled as an incoming student at the University of Liechtenstein?

In this case, too, it may be advisable to return home - if possible - in consultation with the embassy or consulate of your home country. Students who are concerned should always contact the International Office of the University of Liechtenstein in advance.


Am I not allowed to go home now (e.g. to Bavaria)?

The University of Liechtenstein considers the return to the place of residence as a private trip and therefore a notification to health@uni.li is required.

Working from home

Who covers roaming costs incurred by diverting my phone?

In order to enable the majority of employees to work from home, the University of Liechtenstein provides appropriate platforms for online meetings, for example to reduce telephone calls. In addition, there will be opportunities for Internet telephony.

What happens to my mail or bills?

The University organizes a hull operation, e.g. to also ensure the invoice run per institute/department and to process the mail.