Erasmus+ Traineeships

Through the EU educational programme ERASMUS+ you can work during your studies for a period of 2 up to a maximum of 12 months in a European country to gain professional experience. The Erasmus+ mobility grant is an additional grant intended to partially cover your living costs in the host country and must not be understood as a full grant.




dirren.jpegSpending six months on exchange was a fantastic experience. I met and worked with people from many different countries, and discovered what it`s like to live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. My time in Glasgow broadened my opinion of what architecture is, and can be. This is something I will continue to develop throughout my architectural career.

Diren, Glasgow




Note: Within the framework of Erasmus+, recent higher education graduates may participate in traineeships as well. Recent graduates have the option of doing their traineeship abroad  within one year of obtaining their graduation.




• Punctual submission of the required documents
• For internships that form a compulsory component of the degree programme, you must first discuss the procedure directly with your Academic Board


All required documents must be submitted at the latest 4 weeks before  the internship starts.


Inform the International Office that you are interested in an internship abroad. You can then look for a placement yourself or make an appointment if you need assistance.

Application process

After successfully finding a placement, you are then required to register onto our Mobility Online programme:
Please first login as student: Login


The Erasmus+ Mobility Grant is an additional grant intended to partially cover your living costs in the host country and must not be understood as a full grant. The grant is paid in two instalments. Please submit your application for a grant at least one month before the start of your internship.

The amount of the grant is EUR 540.- per month for country group 1 plus a supplement of EUR 150.- per month.
The amount of the grant is EUR 490.- per month for country groups 2 and 3 plus a supplement of EUR 150.- per month.

Students with disabilities or fewer opportunities can apply for an additional grant of EUR 250.- per month.

Green Travel - Students who choose not to fly abroad and travel e.g. by bus and/or train, can apply for a supplement of EUR 50.- for environmentally friendly travel and take 2 days each for the longer journey and departure respectively.

Final report and confirmation of time spent abroad

As soon as the final report and confirmation of the time spent abroad is submitted, the second instalment will be paid.

Housing Anywhere

University of Liechtenstein is partnering with Housing Anywhere, the international booking platform for student accommodation. To help you find and book your new home abroad, we warmly recommend you to sign up for the Housing Anywhere Accommodation Service. Housing Anywhere has specialized on helping international students/trainees find and book their new room abroad. This service is non-binding and can be obtained free of charge. Further information can be found here: Should you be interested, the International Office sends you the application form.

Tips and links

Find out which are the major companies in the city or country where you would like to work as an intern and contact them directly. Perhaps you already know someone in your chosen country who could find out the addresses for you. It can also be helpful to contact the International Office of a university in the city you are interested in. They are often able to supply links to websites that can assist in finding an internship.
Let us know if you require our country brochures entitled "Looking for work in  XXX"