Studying abroad

In order to ensure that your application process runs smoothly, we have put together these guidelines. Before you plunge into the application documents, first make sure that you fulfil all the requirements for a semester abroad and can adhere to the given deadlines.


Punctual submission of the required documents
Students on the BSc Business Administrationprogramme must already have earned 20 ECTS during the 1st regular semester and have completed the 2nd semester at the time of starting their studies abroad

Students on the Master’s programme in Finance can take their semester abroad during their 3rd semester. Be aware that the module "Research Greenhouse" has to be studied during the 2nd semester (normally 3rd), so that the Master Thesis can be started after the return.

Students on the Master's programme in Information Systems can take their semester abroad during their 2nd semester.

Students on Bachelor's Architecture programme can take their semester abroad during their 5th semester, after the 1. Advanced Studio.

Students on the Master’s Architecture programme can take their semester abroad during their 2nd semester.


1 March for semesters abroad in the following winter Semester.
14 September for semesters abroad in the following summer semester.


You apply at the International Office for a university place abroad from the list of partner universities with whom the University of Liechtenstein shares an agreement. Please note that you must supply three possible destinations.

Application process

Apply for a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. The programme guides you through all the relevant steps.

First-time registration for students:
Please first login as student: Login
Log-in for already registered students:
Mobility Online – Login application process

Acceptance criteria

The decision taken by the Study Programme Manager and the International Office on the nomination of the candidates is subject to the following criteria:

• Student record
• Completed semesters
• Language area
• Requested country
• Social work

For students of Architecture, the following requirements apply. All documents listed here must be submitted by 1 March (WS) resp. 10 September (SS).  

After acceptance has been given, a special registration process must be conducted with the partner university which will have its own registration deadline.

Learning agreement

Each student selects courses at the partner university and enters them into the learning agreement on Mobility Online. The programme representatives must sign off the course selection. At least 15 ECTS points must be obtained in order to be eligible for an Erasmus grant, and a maximum of 30 ECTS points per semester may be earned. If a module is changed by the partner university, the changes must be newly approved by the department representatives while the student is still on the semester abroad.

Online Linguistic Support

Before and after the semester abroad you must take an OLS language test. The invitation to the language test will be sent to you automatically by the OLS system via email. The EU also offers free online language courses via the OLS platform.

Housing Anywhere

Usually the host university provides rooms in student dormitories. Sometimes this is not the case and the student has to look for rooms on the free housing market.

University of Liechtenstein has partnered with Housing Anywhere, the international booking platform for student accommodation. To help you find and book your new home abroad, we warmly recommend you to sign up for the Housing Anywhere Accommodation Service. Housing Anywhere has specialized on helping international students find and book their new room abroad, and is doing that for over 150 universities worldwide. This service is free to use for you, and you are not obliged to book any of the suggested rooms. More infos about the service to be found on, the International Office can send you the application form.


For studies abroad in Europe, you are entitled to an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant, provided by the Agency for International Educational Affairs (AIBA) within the scope of the Life Long Learning programme of the European Union and which is paid out by the International Office. Applications for the grant must  be submitted by 15 June (winter semester) or 15 November (summer semester) to the International Office.

The amount of the grant is EUR 540.- per month for country group 1.
The amount of the grant is EUR 490.- per month for country group 2 and 3.

Students with disabilities or fewer opportunities can apply for an additional grant of EUR 250.- per month.

Green Travel - Students who choose not to fly abroad and travel to the Host University, e.g. by bus and/or train, can apply for a supplement of EUR 50.- for environmentally friendly travel and take 2 days each for the longer journey and departure respectively.

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

With the programme generation Erasmus+, stays at selected universities outside of Europe can also be supported.

Due to the distance, the grant amounts to EUR 700.- per month and there is also help with travel expenses.

For more information please contact Ms Mirjana Schädler.

Pre-departure workshop

This workshop will provide you with cultural tips and advice for your semester abroad. The workshop is an obligatory part of the semester abroad.  


Studies abroad can be extended provided the allocation of grants has not been exhausted. Requests for an extension must be submitted to the International Office at the latest one month before the end of the existing placement.


In the event that the student cancels the semester abroad (winter semester) after 1 June, organisation expenses will be billed at CHF 200.--. The same applies for cancellations received after 1 December for the summer semester. In times of COVID-19 the fee of CHF 200.- is waived.

No charges are billed in the case of the following valid reasons which must be confirmed in writing:  grave illness, death in the family, pregnancy. If the semester abroad has already been organised, but the student chooses not to go, the charge of CHF 200.— will also apply.

Following your stay

In order to be able to pay the 2nd instalment of your grant we require:

- Confirmation of stay (Mobility Online)
- Transcript of records
- Final Report (Mobility Online)
- OLS language test: The Invitation will be sent directly from the OLS system via email.
- EU questionnaire for the European Commission. A link will be sent directly from the EU database.

Welcome back event

When all students have returned, we will invite you to a Welcome Back event where you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences abroad and exchange impressions with other students. This event is an obligatory part of the semester abroad.

Erasmus+ App

Your travel guide for your stay abroad!

The Erasmus+ App accompanies you before, during and after your stay abroad with useful information and features:

- Checklists to guide you through the most important milestones
- Push notifications with important information from home and host universities
- Updates on the status of the Online Learning Agreement (OLA)
- Useful tips from other Erasmus+ participants and the possibility to share your own content
- Information about relevant events from local ESN organisations
- A newsfeed and local events and acitivites
- Connection to Online Linguistic Support (OLS)
- Information about other Erasmus+ programme activities

Here you can find more information and download the app:

ESN – Erasmus Student Network

ESN Liechtenstein is part of the biggest interdisciplinary non-profit student organization which has over 500 sections in 40 European countries. The goal is to represent international students, thus to provide opportunities for intercultural encounters under the principle of “Students Helping Students”.

ESN offers help to newcomers during the introduction week and supports the process of integration by organising cultural events and excursions as well as other events and partys. Like that our guests should get into contact with the culture of Liechtenstein and the interaction with local students should become easier.

ESN is always looking for motivated new students who like to engage in projects and who would like to help incoming students to have a good start. Who’s part of this supporting team will have better chances in getting his/her first choice of destination for a semester abroad.


Small card – big thing: the ESNcard is a membership card for all ESN members and international students with which they can show that they are a part of the ESN network. All possessors of the ESNcard get special discounts in shops, restaurants or for overnight stays. The ESNcard is being sold by the ESN section of Vaduz, but is valid internationally. The price of the card is CHF 15 and it can be bought at the Spinnerei or at the International Office.

Besides discounts on international level (15% and 1 free piece of luggage for 8 flights with Ryan Air, 35% on Logitech hardware, Flix Bus discounts and 10% on International Hosteling Hostels etc.) you’ll benefit from local discounts in Liechtenstein and Austria.