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Corona measures in library operations as of 10 February 2021

Information of the Rectorate of the University of Liechtenstein

Update: 10.02.2021, 19:30 Uhr

Due to the new restrictions for commuters when crossing the border
between Austria and Liechtenstein, valid as of Wednesday, 10 February 2021,
the library of the University of Liechtenstein is adjusting the conditions
for borrowing and returning books.
These changes apply for the duration of the summer semester until 30.06.2021.

Borrowing media
The guaranteed loan period is still 14 days and applies to books and journal issues.
• New: 8 automatic renewals are generated instead of 5, unless the borrowed item
   has a hold request.
• Items of "Temporary reserve collections" or with status "Reference holdings"
   are exceptionally available for loan upon request to library@uni.li:
   loan period 14 days, no renewal

Returning media
The maximum number of permitted renewals can no longer be exceeded.
• After receiving the free reminder by e-mail, the media must be back in the library within 10 days.
• Items can be returned on weekdays during opening hours at the library or via the return box (cafeteria).
• If it is not possible to return the media at the library, they should be returned by postal mail in due time and at your own expense.

Mailing address
Universität Liechtenstein
9479 Vaduz

• Please notify us of the shipping date at bibliothek@uni.li . We will then add a note to your item on loan so that no overdue fines are incurred in case of postal delays.
• New: Members of the University will be refunded for shipping costs. This will only be done on site at the lending desk and upon presentation of the reciept.
   A refund by bank transfer is not possible.

Please find detailed information on the library's website.

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