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Coronavirus COVID-19: Measures in the operation of the library

As of Tuesday, 24.03.2020, library closed to public

Update: 23.03.2020, 22:00


Dear members of the university
Dear library users

Due to the developments in the last few days, the library is adapting its services and consequently implementing the protection measures of the Rectorate.

The Library of the University of Liechtenstein will be closed to the public as of Tuesday, 24.03.2020 until further notice.
Supply of literature is guaranteed with some restrictions in spite of closing the library.

For further and regularly updated information, please check the University website www.uni.li/corona.

Lending and returning of media

At this time, no media can be borrowed or requested.

Please do not return any media to us by postal mail or via the return box (except items from interlibrary loan). We kindly ask you to keep the media with you until the measures have been ended.

Reminders and overdue notices for loans are temporarily suspended. Reminder fees incurred before 16.3.2020 remain due.

Members of the University of Liechtenstein may order books from the library's holdings by email to library@uni.li. You are requested to send us the catalogue link to the book
(step-by-step instructions) as well as the currently desired delivery address. Due to our limited human resources, special regulations apply.
• Only place urgent requests.
• You may order a maximum of 3 books. Next request can only be placed 7 days later.
• For students who are writing their theses (Bachelor's, Master's, Dissertation) in the current semester, exceptions can be made in urgent cases.
   Please address your literature needs to us as well.
• Postal delivery to FL, CH, AT and DE is generally free of charge. If the books are (over)large format or very heavy, or if the media are to be shipped to another country,
   the library will contact the person placing the order and decide accordingly.
• We offer digital copy delivery from the print holdings of the library. Please also send us your request by e-mail. We require detailed information on the article or book chapters.
   We will do our best to carry out the order, depending on book format, number of copies, technological infrastructure, available personnel.
   Here too we decide according to the situation and after consulting the person placing the order.
• We cannot guarantee firm delivery times.

Interlibrary loan and document orders

From now on, books from interlibrary loans and copies of documents will be forwarded exclusively by postal mail to the currently desired delivery address. This is subject to the condition that the books are returned to us by postal mail as soon as possible after the final recall. Please do understand that interlibrary loan orders may be subject to delays.

For members of the University of Liechtenstein this service is free of charge.

Access to online media

The library is currently enhancing its portfolio of online media and is continuously endeavouring to ensure the supply of literature for lectures and research in spite of the library's closing down. Please take note of our special newsletters which will inform you about current and upcoming online trial access to new databases and e-collections. For more details and access to these online resources, please visit our website via > Services > Library > Search & Find.

Notes & Updates

We provide continuous information on www.uni.li/bibliothek -> News & Events and by e-mail about our current services as well as about new measures, if they have to be taken.

Any questions? The library team of the University of Liechtenstein will be happy to help.
Email: library@uni.li

Kind regards,
Your library team