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 Our collection comes from the fields of Architecture and Planning, Business & Management, Economics and Law.

  • Access to around 15'000 electronic journals
  • Around 60 academic journals available in print



The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) is our entry platform for academic e- journals. The EZB helps to see if the journal is available electronically and for what period we have subscribed to it.


EZB (Electronic Journals Library)

Access to full-text electronic versions of more than 15’000 e-journals. No direct search for articles can be carried out. The availability of full-text access is indicated by traffic-light symbols.

freely accessible to anyone
available for UniLi members
partially accessible for UniLi members 
not accessible for UniLi members



E-Periodica is ETH-Bibliothek's platform for digitized Swiss journals. All journals on the platform are freely accessible. Depending on the agreement with the individual publisher, there may be an embargo for more recent issues. 

Selection of journals on e-periodica platform (architecture, arts)

• Anthos
• Archi
• Heimatschutz Patrimoine
• Hochparterre
• K+A Kunst und Architektur
• Parkett : the Parkett series with contemporary artists
• Scholion
• TEC 21
• Werk, Bauen und Wohnen

und weitere Zeitschriften



All print journals the university subscribes to can be found in Gesamtkatalog Liechtenstein.
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