uni.liWorkshopsCall for Walks: See, smell, and feel Liechtenstein

[German speakers] Call for Walks - Institute of Architecture and Planning

A shared walk -- Tapping Liechtenstein's urban scenery. Submission of site suggestions closes 31 Mai 2018.

See, smell, and feel Liechtenstein. A shared walk to tap Liechtenstein's urban scenery. For this year's Green Summit 2018, the uni's Institute of Architecture and Planning calls for a shared walk through Liechtenstein's urban areas. This workshop invites participants to submit suggestions of sites that are worth visiting, discussing, and experiencing. Due to practical reasons, we ask that site suggestions be limited to the commune of Vaduz and the university's periphery.

Please note that the site discussions will be given in German. Naturally, all participants are welcome to partake. Though we recommend a proficiency level in German to take part in the workshop.

For more information please visit the workshop on our German Green summit 2018 domain.