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[German speakers] Sustainably Digital -- Sustainability in the digital age

This workshop is addressed at interested parties from all professions and academic areas, who are or will be involved in the implementation of sustainable practices in the industry and society; or those who simply mean to be given an overview of the issue.

Today's digital tech offers various opportunities for the implementation of sustainable practices. Examples range from smart homes over cost cuts in logistics or virtual connectivity of enterprises to the construction of smart factories and sustainable smart cities.

This workshop discusses the potentials for using digital technologies to implement sustainable practices (the interaction between the two being coined "Green IT") in the private or professional sector.

Participants will be briefed on "Green IT's" current state and together develop concepts for the use of "Green IT" in their individual private or professional circumstances.


Some of the topics covered will be:

- Digital tech and sustainability: What is Green IT?
- Green IT's potentials for use
- Green IT in the private sector
- Green IT in the professional sector
- Green IT the society


Please note that this workshop is given entirely in German. Naturally, all participants are welcome to partake. Though we recommend a proficiency level in German to participate.