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European Green India Summit (EUGIS) 2016

The European Green India Summit (EGIS) will take place for the first time on May 18th, 2016.

This joint initiative by the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development and Panitek AG will form the second day of the “Namaste India – Second India Week in Liechtenstein” organized by India Club in Liechtenstein, and launched by Minister Aurelia Frick.

EGIS, the European Green India Summit is dedicated to exchange and trade of ideas and services between India and Europe. This year it is focused on Green Infrastructure and Urban Development.

Programme for Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

The European Green India Summit (EUGIS) will take place for the first time on 18 May 2016. This joint initiative by the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development and Panitek AG will form the second day of the “Namaste India — Second India Week in Liechtenstein” organized by India Club in Liechtenstein, and launched by Minister Aurelia Frick.


EUGIS, the European Green India Summit, is dedicated to exchange and trade of ideas and services between India and Europe. This year the Summit is focused on Smart Cities: Green Infrastructure and Advanced Urban Development.


Who should attend

Investors: Banks and other financial Institutions, family offices, private equity investors, individuals, banks

Professionals and service providers: Architects, engineers and consulting firms

Businesses: Building and technology companies

Bilateral, multilateral and other government agencies: Indian and European government officials

Associations: Indian, Swiss and European chambers of commerce

Press: Swiss and Indian newspapers and media organizations

Please register via email kirsten.steinhofer@uni.li


Entrance fee
30 CHF

Programm: Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Auditorium of the University of Liechtenstein
Introduction by Pankaj Agarwal and Peter Droege
Welcome by Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Economy, Principality of Liechtenstein
Opening by the Indian Ambassador to Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and
Claude Béglé, Member of the Swiss Parliament 

Session 1:Green Infrastructure Policy
What policy frameworks promise to support strategic alliances towards sustainable development - especially in renewable energy and energy efficiency across Indian-European trade lines?
Akshay Jaitly, TRILEGAL: Policy versus statutory transitions
Anindya Bhattacharya, E&Y New Delhi: Policy guidance in the private sector
Katharina Schneider, Global Infrastructure Basel: International innovations in advanced infrastructure policy 

Session 2: Green Infrastructure Finance
What are the finance drivers for a sustainable urban future, in renewable energy and efficiency?
Sadashiv Rao, IDFC Infra Debt Fund Limited: Advanced infrastructure finance
Rajat Misra, Energy and Infrastructure, SBI Capital Markets: Investment in sustainability
Sabine Döbeli, CEO, Swiss Sustainable Finance: Financing the transition to a regenerative economy
Coffee break

Session 3:
Green Infrastructure Technology
What are the renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and IT systems that form the core of a sustainable urban future?
Tania Bhattacharya, Celestial Earth: Urban metabolism
Pankaj Agarwal, Panitek AG: Spectrum of renewable technologies
Urs A. Weidmann, Silent Power AG: renewable systems for smart cities

Session 4: Future forum – regenerative urban development visions
What outcomes will mark a successfully green urban system?
Ajay Jain, State of Andhra Pradesh: New capital of Andhra Pradesh
Francesco Gherzi, Swiss India Chamber of Commerce: Swiss Center of Excellence, Pune
Guy Perry, Cities+Strategy, Essel Infra&Utilities: Smart cities design
Uli Hellweg, ISD StadtBauen: International Building Exhibition IBA-Hamburg
India Visions - Smart Cities speakers
Kavi Jain, Nirman Consultants: Smart buildings as infrastructure
Anand Shukla, SDC/Embassy of Switzerland in India: Bilateral cooperation and technology transfer programs
Alexander Lüchinger, Alexander Lüchinger Consulting: ALC SouthPole DEZA CapaCITIES project Coimbatore, Rajkot, Siliguri and Udaypur  
Johannes Fiedler, Doppelmayr Urban Systems: Smart transport for smart cities
Afternoon Break
Ines Lamuniere, EPF Lausanne: Advanced motion city
Panos Matziaras, Fondation Braillard, Geneva: smart bioclimatic design
Peter Droege, University of Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development: distributed regenerative infrastructure for intelligent regions – a potentials and policy framework
Closing Panel and concluding words
Entertainment by Bollywood in Liechtenstein

All speakers are invited, but may not all be confirmed at the time of publication.
All program elements are subject to change without notice.

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