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Mag. iur. Magdalena Friedrich, BA

Research Associate
Propter Homines Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law
since 2019

PhD, University of Innsbruck

2012 — 2018

Diploma Study in Law, University of Innsbruck

2012 — 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, University of Innsbruck

since 2019

Research Associate, Chair of Banking and Securities Law

2018 — 2019

Student Assistant, Chair of Banking and Securities Law

2018 — 2019

Student Assistant, Department of Public Law, State and Administrative Theory, University of Innsbruck

since 2017

Lecturer, Assocition "PoBi - political education for kids and adolescents"

Visiting Academic
2015 — 2016

Erasmus stay, Université Libre de Bruxelles


Franz Gschnitzer-Award 2019

Interpretation and application of EEA State aid law in Liechtenstein
FFF-Förderprojekt, October 2019 until December 2020

The granting of State aid is increasing significantly across Europe, both in relative and absolute terms. In 2017, the countries of the European Economic Area spent on average about 0.7% of their GDP ... more ...

  • Friedrich, M. (2020). Relevanz des europäischen Beihilferechts für den schiedsrechtlichen Ordre Public. Spektrum des Wirtschaftsrechts, 2020, 137-145.

  • Raschauer, N., Dworschak, M., & Friedrich, M. (2019). Individuelle Mobilität hat Grenzen: Luftreinhaltung (erst) durch Verkehrsverbote? Journal für Rechtspolitik (JRP)(1), 40-44.

  • Friedrich, M. (2019). Strukturprobleme und Lösungen im österreichischen Gesundheitswesen anhand der »Gesundheitsplanungs GmbH«. Spektrum des Wirtschaftsrechts, 25-57.

  • Raschauer, N., Dworschak, M., & Friedrich, M. (2020). Individual mobility has its limits: air pollution control (only) through traffic bans? In C. Pagliarin, C. Perathoner & S. Laimer (Eds.), Per un Europa più unita nel settore dei transporti - Assetti istituzionali, economici e normativi. Il diritto dei transporti nell Unione Europea. Milano: Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre.

  • Friedrich, M. (in press). Subsidies and State aid in the Context of Free Trade - Roles and Obligations of EFTA and its Member States in WTO and European Subsidy Regimes. Paper presented at the EFTAs 60th anniversary Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.