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Manuel Weber, MSc

Research Assistant / PhD Student
Hilti Chair of Business Process Management
Schedule for WS 20/21
Stability and Change - Adaptive and resilient business processes
PhD-Thesis, since February 2021

Especially in turbulent times, organizations are required to adapt and change themselves and their business processes to the constantly changing environment. This ability to adapt and change is one ... more ...

  • vom Brocke, J., Weber, M., & Grisold, T. (2021). Class Notes: The BPM Context Matrix - A Framework for Context-Aware Business Process Management (BPM). BPTrends: BPM analysis, opinion and insight (Class Notes July 2021).

  • vom Brocke, J., Weber, M., & Grisold, T. (in press). Design Science Research of High Practical Relevance - Dancing Through Space and Time. In P. Rohner, J. Schelp & S. Aier (Eds.), Engineering the Transformation of the Enterprise - A Design Science Research Perspective. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

  • Weber, M., Grisold, T., vom Brocke, J., & Kamm, M. (2021). Context-Aware Business Process Modeling: Empirical Insights from a Project with a Globally Operating Company. Paper presented at the Twenty-Ninth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2021), Marrakesh, Morocco. (VHB_3: B)