Markus Otto, BSc.

Wissenschaftlicher Assistent
Hilti Lehrstuhl für Business Process Management
Veranstaltungen im WS 20/21
  • Hacker, J., vom Brocke, J., Handali, J., Otto, M., & Schneider, J. (2020). Virtually in this together – how web-conferencing systems enabled a new virtual togetherness during the COVID-19 crisis. European Journal of Information Systems, 29(5), 563-584. (ABDC_2016: A*; ABDC_2019: A*; ABS_2018: 3; ISI_2016: 2.819; ISI_2016_5year: 3.505; ISI_2018: 2.603; VHB_3: A)

  • Grisold, T., Mendling, J., Otto, M., & vom Brocke, J. (2020). Adoption, Use and Management of Process Mining in Practice. Business Process Management Journal, 25(6), 1291-1316. (ABDC_2016: B; ABDC_2019: B; ABS_2018: 2; ISI_2018: 1.88; VHB_3: C)