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Dipl.-Inform. Rene Abraham

PhD Student
Hilti Chair of Business Process Management
Data governance in financial services companies
PhD-Thesis, since September 2017

Big Data Analytics (BDA) refers to analytical techniques applied to large and complex data sets. Furthermore, BDA encompasses advanced data storage, management, analysis, and visualization ... more ...

  • Abraham, R., Schneider, J., & vom Brocke, J. (2019). Data governance: A conceptual framework, structured review, and research agenda. International Journal of Information Management, 49(Dec), 424-438. (ABDC_2016: A; ABDC_2019: A*; ABS_2018: 2; ABS_2021: 2; ISI_2016: 3.872; ISI_2016_5year: 4.713; ISI_2018: 5.063; VHB_3: C)