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Zorica Zagorac-Uremovic, MSc

Research Assistant / PhD Student
Chair of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Current Activity
Research and Knowledge Transfer Projects in the areas of: Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition, Business Ideation and Creativity, Business Model Development, Commercialization Strategy, Collaborative Innovation and Innovation Management.
Teaching and Student Supervision in following Study Programs: Bachelor's Business Economics, Master's Entrepreneurship and MBA Technology & Innovation.
Projects, Workshop and Coaching at the Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (KMU-Zentrum Liechtenstein).

Appointments upon arrangement.

University of Liechtenstein, Chair for Technology and Entrepreneurship
Research Associate

2012 — 2013

University of Liechtenstein, Chair for Technology and Entrepreneurship
Junior Research Assistant


GZ Elektronik e.U.
Project Manager, Business Developer Printed Circuit Boards

2010 — 2011

Huber Holding
Category Manager Lingerie

2006 — 2010

Hilti Corporation
Global Retail Merchanidzing Manager


London School of Economics and Political Science, Methods Summer Programme, Statistical Methods for Social Research


University of Liechtenstein
PhD in Business Economics


Leland Stanford Junior University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Design Thinking Course at Prof. Larry Leifer

2011 — 2013

University of Liechtenstein
MSc Entrepreneurship

2003 — 2006

University of Applied Sciences Liechtenstein
Bachelor of Business Administration / International Management (BBA)

1998 — 2003

Handelsakademie (commercial high school) Feldkirch

Reviewer Services

i2b business plan contest

Visiting Academic

University of South Australia, School of Engineering, PhD research stay

The role of cognitive flexibility in entrepreneurial opportunity recognition
FFF-Förderprojekt, February 2016 until February 2018

Entrepreneurial opportunity recognition is considered as a pivotal capability for entrepreneurial action and success. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who operate in complex and competitive ... more ...

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition and Business Ideation from a Cognitive Perspective
PhD-Thesis, since February 2015

The recognition of entrepreneurial opportunities is impetus for any entrepreneurial action, and thus builds the basis for entrepreneurial success. In this context, entrepreneurial opportunities ... more ...

FFF-Förderprojekt, April 2012 until January 2014 (finished)

Ziel des Forschungsprojekts „FLUIDGLASS CUBE“ ist es, von einem einzelnen mit Flüssigkeit durchströmten Fassadenelement einen Schritt weiter zu gehen, hin zu Gebäuden mit einer Fluidglashülle. Das ... more ...

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z., Palmer, C., Marxt, C., & Kraus, S. (accepted). Kognitive Prozesse der Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition: Eine Literaturanalyse. Zeitschrift für KMU und Entrepreneurship. (VHB: C)

  • Kaufmann, H., Zagorac, Z., & Sanchez Bengoa, D. (2008). The influence of identity on international consumer behaviour in transitional settings: a case study of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian banking market. Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 3(3/4), 241-253.

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z., Procopio Schön, A., Spiegel, M., & Marxt, C. (2017). Unveiling Human-related Challenges in a Convergence-driven Open Innovation Project: Evidences from an Action Research Case. In D. Salampasis & A. Mention (Eds.), Open Innovation: unveiling the power of the human element. London: World Scientific Publishing.

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z., & Marxt, C. (accepted). Divergent and Convergent Thinking in Different Entrepreneurial Opportunity Contexts. Paper presented at the ISPIM Innovation Conference 2017, Vienna.

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z., Palmer, C., & Marxt, C. (2017). The Joint of Effects of Divergent and Convergent Thinking on Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition: Findings from Exploratory Case Studies. Paper presented at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship and Research Exchange 2017, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z. (2015). Opportunity Recognition and Business Ideation from a Cognitive Perspective. Paper presented at the ISPIM Conference 2015, Budapest.

  • Marxt, C., Zagorac-Uremovic, Z., & Spiegel, M. (2013). Herausforderungen und Erfolgsfaktoren in Technologiekonvergenzprojekten am Beispiel des Forschungsprojekts FLUIDGLASS CUBE. Vaduz: Universität Liechtenstein.

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z., Spiegel, M., & Marxt, C. (2014). Mastering Technology Convergence in Innovation Projects. University of Liechtenstein.

  • Zagorac-Uremovic, Z. (2015, 27.07.). Innovation braucht Offenheit. Liechtenstein Innovation.