May 23, 2017 – University of Liechtenstein
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May 23, 2017 – University of Liechtenstein
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University of Liechtenstein: Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti und Hendrik Peer Kimmerle, M.Sc.
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  • Interdisciplinary Discussion on Sustainability

  • Challenges of a Sustainable Society

  • Presentation of Sustainable Projects

  • Introduction to practically relevant Research Projects

  • Perspective: Politics, Society, Economy

Target group

  • Practitioners in Politics, Economy and Administration

  • Academics in the Field of Finance, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Architecture

  • Students and Graduates


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Program – GREEN SUMMIT – May 23, 2017 – Download Presentations

09:00 am -  Welcome Address: Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti,
University of Liechtenstein

09:10 am - Opening Speech: H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

The importance of family-run enterprises for a sustainable development

09:30 am

SESSION I - Sustainability in Politics, Economy and Society


Renewably powered -
Insight into the future of the Lake Constance region

Prof. em. Peter Droege, Director, LISD


Electro Mobility - Opportunities and Threats

Frank Schneider, Consultant Mobility, Technical Supervisory Association

09:30 am

SESSION III - Sustainable Finance, Paper Presentation (English)
Host: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Lars Kaiser

09:30 Sustainability Stocks and Flows and Investment Performance
Prof. Dr. Stich - University of Cologne


Style, Momentum and ESG Investing

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Kaiser - University of Liechtenstein

10:30 - 11:00 am - Coffee Break

11:00 am


Sustainable Development Goals -
Worldwide and in Liechtenstein

Andrew Gray, Adviser, Africa GreenCo
Jiangrong Yu, Associate Officer, UNECE


EU Regulation and Sustainability Reporting

Brigitte Frey, Managing Partner EY Austria
12:00 Universal Basic Income and Sustainability
Prof. Dr. Martin Wenz, University of Liechtenstein


Fishing the CSR Risk Factors

Prof. Becchetti et al. - University of Rome Tor Vergata


Promoting Climate-Friendly Investing among Retail Investors: Evidence from a Choice Experiment

Prof. Dr. Bassen et al. - University of Hamburg
12:00 The Price of Taste for Socially Responsible Investment
Prof. Ciciretti et al. - University of Rome Tor Vergata

12:30 am - 01:30 pm - Lunch

01:30 pm

SESSION II - Sustainability in Practice - Project Session

Demonstration Model Hohlstrasse, Zurich
Prof. Dietrich Schwarz, Schwarz Architects


Solar Energy Project, University of Liechtenstein

Bernhard Gasser, Enigneering Office teamgmi
Christoph Frommelt, Frommelt Carpentry
14:30 kommod - Hotel/Restaurant/Office
Peter Büchel, Construction Project Leader - kommod
14:45 Horizon - Solar Folding Roof
Gian Andri Diem, dhp technology
15:00 Blockchain - Sustainable Transport System
Demelza Hays, Blockchain Office Liechtenstein
Philipp Büchel, Blockchain Office Liechtenstein

01:30 pm

Workshop Green IT - Sustainably Digital

- Sustainability in the Information Age -

Host: Prof. Dr. Stefan Seidel
Institute of Information Systems
University of Liechtenstein

01:30 pm

SESSION IV - Sustainable Finance, Paper Presentation (English)
Host: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Martin Angerer

Price Discrimination in the Residential Housing
Sector: Evidence from Green Buildings
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Steininger et. al. - RWTH Aachen University


Sustainable investments and strategies for the proprietary trading of German savings banks

Prof. Dr. Schäfer et al. - University of Stuttgart
02:30 Carbon Risk
Prof. Dr. Wilkens et al. - University of Stuttgart

Green Bonds: Are they priced differently from conventional bonds?

Prof. Dr. Schiereck et al. - Technical University of Darmstadt

03:15 - 03:45 pm - Coffee Break

03:45 pm - Keynote Speech: Dynamic of the Change: Trends and Perspectives

Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF

04:15 pm - Panel Discussion - Impact of Sustainability

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF
Brigitte Frey, Managing Partner EY

Host: Oliver Oehri

04:45 pm - Presentation of the Finance-Paper Awards (Session III and IV)

Simon Tribelhorn, LIFE Climate Foundation/ Barbara Jordan, Zurich Insurance Switzerland

05:00 pm - Zurich Climate Prize - Projects for a sustainable society

Presentation and Interview of the winner Peter Röthlisberger Solaxess

Roland Betschart / Barbara Jordan, Zurich Insurance Switzerland

05:30 pm - Farewell and Apéro