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Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH Urs Meister

Institute of Architecture and Planning

Diploma in the unit of Prof. Dolf Schneebli, ETH Zurich

1987 — 1989

Studies of architecture at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin

1986 — 1987

Internship at Hinrich & Inken Baller Architects, Berlin

1984 — 1991

Studies of architecture at the ETH Zurich


Reviews at the ETH Zürich, Gastdozentur Jasmin Grego
Reviews at the Escuela Tecnica Superior del Vallès, Barcelona


Reviews at the Norvegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
Erasmus Intensiv Program Buidling Anatomy: Catalan Vaults, Barcelona


Lecture Der Innere Raum, Architekturforum Zürich


Erasmus Intensiv Program Buidling Anatomy: Rope Structures, Trebusa, Slovenja


Symposium New Curriculum in the Bologna Process, University Ljubljana
Reviews at ETH Zurich, Prof. Rüegg
Erasmus Intensiv Program Identity in the Mountains, Vaduz


Erasmus Intensiv Program Identity in the City: Trani, Politecnico di

since 2002

Professor of Design and Construction, Hochschule Liechtenstein


Workshop Modelmaking¿ an der Architectural Association London

2001 — 2002

Diploma Tutor ETH Zurich, Prof. Deplazes


Lecture Shin Takasuga's Sleeper House, AA London, Unit Inter 10

1999 — 2000

First year Tutor ETH Zurich, Prof. Deplazes

since 1995

Käferstein und Meister Architekten, Zurich

1993 — 1994

Collaborations with different architects in Zurich

1992 — 1993

Architect at Ernst Gisel, Zurich


Competition Gemeindehaus Regensdorf, with Broggi Santschi Partner, Zurich, 3. Price


Competition Alters- und Pflegeheim Domat/Ems, 1. Price


Wooden House, Sotheby's, Zurich


Competition Alumag-Belmag-Areal Zurich, with Silva Ruoss and Patricia Guagliardi, Zürich, 1. Price


Studienauftrag Internationales Kongresszentrum Krems (A), with Morger und Degelo, Basel, 1. Price
Competition Johannes-Brassel-Schulhaus St. Margrethen, with Martin Litscher, 3. Price

Crafting Circularity – Rethinking Sustainable Design and Construction in Architecture Through Reusability
ERASMUS, September 2020 until September 2023

tbc more ...

How does the Process of Industry 4.0 Change the Profession of a Carpenter?
PhD-Thesis, since September 2018

Being aware of the ongoing process of digital transformation it is necessary to focus on the question of how this will take place and how it may affect us. While focusing on this development we have ... more ...

Contribution to the development of a thermal comfort model using artificial neural networks to predict thermal sensation
PhD-Thesis, September 2016 until July 2019 (finished)

An essential role in sustainable building planning plays the so-called thermal comfort of humans. The exploration of first comfort or human models has its origins in aerospace engineering and found ... more ...

The Maiensäss - Theses on the current Maiensäss-Culture in the Canton of Grisons
PhD-Thesis, February 2015 until June 2019 (finished)

Trough Industrialization, related technical achievements and social changes "Maiensäss"-Buildings lose increasingly its agricultural use, since the middle of last century. The change in secondary ... more ...

CRAFTING THE FACADE: Reuse, Reinvent, Reactivate
ERASMUS, September 2014 until August 2017 (finished)

The strategic partnership „CRAFTING THE FACADE: Reuse, Reinvent, Reactivate" is directed and coordinated by the University of Liechtenstein, Prof. Urs Meister and DI Carmen Rist-Stadelmann. The aim ... more ...

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