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Research focus

Doctoral studies must be conducted in one of the following research foci in architecture or planning:

Architectural Design Theory
Research into architectural design and its processes; the cognitive construction of design; questions of culture and design; design history and criticism; and social and societal modes of design inquiry.
Prof. Peter A. Staub, Dipl. AA MSc LSE
Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH/SIA Urs Meister
Sustainable Design
Research into design, engineering and the evaluation of buildings performance such as energy efficiency; integrated renewable energy; resource, material and mechanical aspects; and systems integration in pursuit of building sustainability by design.
Prof. Dipl.-Arch. ETH/SIA Dietrich Schwarz

Urban Design and Landscape
Research into urban design / urban planning and their processes, the sensual perception of urban spaces, the coordination of urban settlement, traffic, farming and landscape; questions of the inward urban development and the designing of urban landscapes in Europe
Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Anne Brandl

The focus on applications in a wider context and real‑world relevance of investigations is paramount. Further information is provided on the personal web pages of the professors in relation to these and other research interests they pursue.