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Professorship of Company, Foundation and Trust Law

The work carried out by the Chair is focused on Liechtenstein, European and international company law, with special attention being paid to the law of foundations and trusts in Liechtenstein. Other related research areas, such as international private law, contract law and the law of succession, also play a major role in the Chair’s teaching and research.

All of these subjects are taught in the BSc and MSc degree programmes, in the Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Company, Foundation and Trust Law, in various continuing education programmes and discussed at professional conferences.

Research at the Chair is dedicated to investigating the ongoing developments in statutory and case law, above all in respect of foundation and trust law, and to the continued development of trust law and philanthropy. Feasible solutions derived from the legal systems of neighbouring states or from common law countries are investigated academically. The Principality of Liechtenstein should remain competitive with other legal systems within Europe and worldwide in the medium to long term.