The departments, institutes and affiliated institutes are responsible for the execution of all activities relating to the Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes, for the continuing education offerings and competence areas (research and development, knowledge and technology transfer).


University Council

The University Council is the supreme governing body of the University of Liechtenstein. It is appointed by the Government for four years and is comprised of six members representing science and business. The President of the University of Liechtenstein and a representative of the Office of Education participate in an advisory capacity at the meetings.

• Lothar Ritter
   President/Member of Foundation Boards
   President of the Board of

Vice President:
• Markus Kaiser
   CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kaiser AG

• Dr. Verena Konrad
   Executive Director of the Vorarlberg Architecture Institute
• lic. iur. Brigitte Vogt-Ipek
  Attorney at Law, Walser Attorneys at Law Ltd.
• Prof. Dr. Rudolf Minsch
   Chief Economist and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Economiesuisse
• Dr. Hans-Werner Gassner
   Chairman, Liechtenstein Bankers Association
• Isabelle Oehri, M.A. HSG
   Lecturer and Project Manager at the Department of Economics, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Consultative Members:
Dr. Christian Frommelt, Rector
Dipl.-Ing. FH Andreas Müller, MBA, Executive Director
• Eva Meirer, Head of Department of Middle and Higher Education/School Office
• Susanne Jehle, MLaw, Legal assistance University Council


The Senate is entrusted with the academic development of the University and is responsible for the following areas in particular: approval of curricula and Study and Assessment Regulations; appointing members to academic commissions; preparing statements on questions of strategy, on research governance and on quality standards in research and teaching; providing initiatives for the further development and quality assurance of research and teaching.

All professors at the University belong to the Senate, as well as three representatives from the junior faculty, three representatives from the student body and one member of the University administration. The President attends in a non-voting capacity.

The Senate elects a professor as Chair every three years.

Chair of the Senate
Prof. Dr. Konstantina Papathanasiou, LL.M.

Deputy Chair of the Senate
Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH Urs Meister

Honorary Senator
Klaus Näscher
Hans Brunhart
Prof. Dr.iur. Dr.rer.oec. Dr.h.c. Herbert Batliner †


The Rectorate’s duties chiefly cover the operative management of the University of Liechtenstein, external relations and the introduction and coordination of planning activities.

The Rectorate is appointed by the University Council and is composed of three members on an interim basis:

Dr. Christian Frommelt, Rector

• Dipl.-Ing. FH Andreas Müller, MBA, Executive Director
• Ass.-Prof. Dr. iur. Alexandra Butterstein, LL.M.
• Prof. Dr. Marco J. Menichetti
• Prof. Dr. Daniel Stockhammer


• Liechtenstein School of Architecture
• Liechtenstein Business School
Liechtenstein Business Law School
• Liechtenstein Undergraduate & Graduate School
• Liechtenstein Executive School


The following areas are assigned to the Rectorate to support and handle management tasks:

• Communication and Marketing
• Quality and accreditation
• Law

Administrative Director
       • Data Protection
       • Process Management
       • Risk Management and ICS
 Reception and Purchasing
 Finance and Accounting
 Human Resources
 IT and Infrastructure
       • Facilities Management
       • IT 
       • Accommodation
 Student Services

Other members
• Subject-related Schools
       • Liechtenstein School of Architecture
       • Liechtenstein Business School
              • Centre for Economics
Liechtenstein Business Law School
              • Centre for Philanthropy
• Teaching-related schools
       • Liechtenstein Executive School
       • Liechtenstein Undergraduate & Graduate School
              • Didactics & FüW
              • Inter-institutional BSc & PhD programmes
              • International Office
• Research Office
• Study Secretary
• Transfer

Organigram 2023 (PDF Download)


The Mittelbau, as a functionary of the University of Liechtenstein, carries out the tasks assigned to it in university self-administration (Art. 34 Para. 2 of the new Statutes of the University of Liechtenstein) and represents the interests of its members. 

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Professors' Association

As officers of the University of Liechtenstein, the Professors' Association performs the tasks assigned to it in university self-administration (Art. 23 Para. 4 of the Statutes of the University of Liechtenstein) and represents the interests of its members.

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