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Departement Entrepreneurship & Management


Entrepreneurial thinking and action are at the heart of the Department of Entrepreneurship & Management. At its core, it is about discovering entrepreneurial opportunities, developing innovative business ideas and implementing them in international markets. This vision permeates the department's service areas: teaching, continuing education, knowledge and technology transfer, and research.

We analyse questions of entrepreneurship and innovation in a theoretically sound manner and develop concrete design recommendations for entrepreneurial practice. Our core areas of expertise include strategy, technology and innovation, corporate entrepreneurship/change management, internationalisation and corporate growth.


Focus on application

The Department of Entrepreneurship & Management pursues an application-oriented and multidisciplinary research approach. The guiding principle for all research projects is to conduct research grounded in behavioural science and economic theories. In doing so, we aim to meet the highest standards: our department is regularly represented at the world's leading scientific conferences in the fields of entrepreneurship, international management, management and organisation, strategic management, as well as technology and innovation management. In addition, we regularly publish our research results in the world's leading scientific journals. Numerous prizes and awards document our international competitiveness.


Approaches to solving practical problems

Furthermore, it is a significant concern of ours not to stop at excellent theory building in the sense of the "Rigor vs Relevance" discussion but to transfer our research results to the economy and society actively. Numerous long-term cooperations with companies in the region document our success. For companies, we offer public-private partnership models and direct participation in research projects. Part of this is the assumption of sponsorship for doctoral students at our Department. These then work together with the company under the supervision of a professor to develop solutions for selected practical problems.


The Team


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