University of Liechtenstein is integrated in the following networks:

IBH – International Lake Constance University
In the cantons and states around Lake Constance, in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, outstanding academics conduct  research and teaching at internationally renowned universities. Under the joint roof of “International Lake Constance University“, they all form part of an institutional network founded  in 1999. By working together, the potential in the field of continuing education among the individual universities in this region can be better tapped and leveraged. University of Liechtenstein is a member of this association.

IAESTE - Internships abroad
IAESTE - International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience - was founded in 1948 to promote international understanding. Today it totals 60 member countries. IAESTE arranges for students from across the world and from a range of disciplines to spend several months on internships abroad. University of Liechtenstein is involved in this global exchange network and is an associate member of IAESE Switzerland. The International Office serves as the point of contact.

EUCEN - European Universities Continuing Education Network
Set up in 1991,  EUCEN is a growing network of around 190 universities in 39 countries involved in continuing education at university level. Its main aims include promoting the initiative of "life-long learning” and helping universities to reach their goal of becoming professional continuing education centres. University of Liechtenstein has been working with the EUCEN network since 1995.

NUSCT - Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories

The Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories (NUSCT)  is a forum for universities of small countries and territories in Europe for the creation of  synergies to address common challenges, to exchange expertise and best practices, and to promote collaborative projects amongst culturally diverse teaching and research universities, sharing unique specificities in similar socio-political environments.

The Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories was born of a shared need to address issues that are specific to higher education institutions that operate in socio-political and economic contexts of small countries and territories, but that are marginally dealt with by existing international higher education associations”.


Partner universities
Partner universities form a key component of  University of Liechtenstein‘s worldwide network. With joint projects, student exchanges and visiting professors, its international activities continue to expand.

The International Office team is happy to answer any further questions.