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Bachelor's in Architecture (German)

Lina Boos


"I like the personal atmosphere at the University of Liechtenstein and the close, stimulating collaboration with students from other semesters."

Francis Dietz



"The unique personal relationship between students and lecturers opens up professional dialogue and future-oriented support for me."

George Gueorguiev


"Experts from the field promote our talent in a special family-like atmosphere. We students are team players who support and learn from each other."

Sara Lindner


"The personal exchange between lecturers and students is exceptional. Here, I receive individual support and am more than just a matriculation number."

Bachelor's in Business Administration (German)

Felicia Brügelmeir


"Here at the University of Liechtenstein, lecturers always have an open ear for us students. And the practical training offers me excellent career opportunities."

Natalie Galli


"At the University of Liechtenstein, I particularly value the family environment. I am also able to participate in unique exchange programmes all over the world."

Antonia Hengstmann


"While studying business at the University of Liechtenstein, I benefit from the expansion of my international network and first-class mentoring."

Master's in Architecture

Mirco Blöchlinger



"The university strikes a good balance between art and functionality in its teaching. All in a family-like atmosphere with a personal relationship to the lecturers."

Basil Raphael


"The personal relationship, the international community and the mountains turn you not only into a graduate but into a socially responsible Master in Architecture."

Oscar Sauseng


"The location in the rural region creates an educational space where learning and the exchange with the faculty and students harmonise to develop your strengths."

Aurelia Winter


"The Master’s in Architecture in Liechtenstein is the ideal choice for me to combine studying and working, providing a beneficial balance between theory and practice."

Master's in Entrepreneurship and Management (German)

Nicolas Deuring


"The hands-on mentality of the professors and my fellow students inspires me every day to realise my goals. This is where entrepreneurship is put into practise!"

Lennart Krebs



"I chose the University of Liechtenstein because I liked the family atmosphere and the intensive networking among the students."

Marco Lauber


"In the Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Management, I can put what I have learned directly into practice and all this in a very personal environment."

Anna Prugger


"On the degree programme, you have the opportunity to put your creative ideas directly into practice in the Start-up Lab using the methods learned in the lectures!"

Master's in Finance

Moritz Graf


"Liechtenstein plays a critical economic role between the European Union and Switzerland, which is an attractive place for me to be in the future."

Fabian Köffel


"The university offers numerous opportunities to gain first-hand practical experience during the studies and ideal entry opportunities after graduation."

Susanne Schneider


"The best thing about Unili the small number of students. It allows us to study in a family-like environment and strengthen our academic and personal skills."

Mykola Subtelnyi


"I decided to study in Liechtenstein because of its advantages in terms of size, location, and courses. The curriculum also allows up to 35% additional paid work."

Master's in Information Systems

Mara Burger


"Studying at the University of Liechtenstein offers many career and development opportunities thanks to the four-country region of the Alpine Rhine Valley.”

Felix Drösel


"I chose Uni Liechtenstein because I was excited by the unique mentoring relationship. Here you have the opportunity to be in close contact with all lecturers.”

Luiz Barbosa


"Here students experience enormous development through collaborations, seminars and projects with top-notch companies –  to achieve top performance.”

Yiquiao Zou


"The professors and  staff are incredibly friendly and helpful; the convenient campus environment and class schedule allows us to grow personally and professionally.”