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4304669: Summer School on Information and Process Management Science

Type: Module
Scheduled in semester: 4
Self-directed study time: 120.0
Semester: SS 17
Language: English/German

Module coordination/Lecturers


Doctoral degree programme in Business Economics (01.09.2008)


Just as the doctoral consortium, the summer school serves multiple purposes in the educational programme of the students: Whereas the doctoral consortium aims at presenting the own work in an international frame, the summer school intends to deepen methodological skills in a specific field of choice relevant to the PhD theses of the students. In addition, working together with professors and PhD-students from abroad also contributes to social and communicative skills of the students in an international and intercultural environment.

Doctorate information systems students participating in an international Ph.D. summer school study contemporary issues in information systems research design and/or methodology.

Exam Modalities

The students will be assessed in this module through:

  • competitive selection process of the summer school
  • specific mechanisms of the summer school