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5510682: C19 Master's thesis

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Semester:SS 23
Scheduled in semester:4
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:0.0 L / 0.0 h
Self-directed study time:810.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Information Systems (01.09.2019)


In their Master’s Thesis, students use scientific methods and work in accordance with standards of scientific writing. The master's thesis is typically related to one of the three subject areas that constitute the core of the curriculum (i.e., Business Process Management, Data and Application Security, and Data Science).

Learning Outcomes

After successful submission of the Master’s Thesis, students will have demonstrated their ability to plan, execute, and manage research projects autonomously.


Lectures Method

  • The thesis is assessed by a school member from the Department of Information Systems (professor, assistant professor, visiting professor or senior lecturer).The thesis is presented and defended in an oral examination. The examination committee is composed of the Academic Director, another faculty member, and an external expert appointed by the Doctoral Commission.The time for producing the completed thesis is defined on the thesis proposal (“exposé”) and may not exceed 22 weeks.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 60 ECTS must be achieved before a student may register for this module.The student must have passed the Business Statistics course before registering for the course.All students who have started their studies in the winter semester 2020 and later must have successfully completed the course Research Seminar in order to register for the Master`s Thesis course.A research proposal (“exposé”) signed by the supervisor and the academic director must be submitted to the study administration prior to the student’s registration for the module. The exposé submission deadline is the same as for the Module Research Seminar. If the exposé is written for the Research Seminar module, it is forwarded to the study administration by the Research Seminar module coordinator.


  • Students are provided with the lecture slides and supplementary material (e.g., selected journal articles).Oates, B.J. (2006). Researching Information Systems and Computing. London, UK: Sage Publications.Recker, J. (2012). Scientific Research in Information Systems: A Beginner’s Guide. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.


  • Exposé: The seminar paper that is developed in the Research Seminar module serves as an exposé for the master’s thesis if the student has passed the Research Seminar module and if the student has not submitted another exposé signed by the supervisor to the study administration (master.information-systems@uni.li) by the same deadline as for the Module Research Seminar.
  • Regulations and forms: Students must adhere to the Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers in Economics and are asked to use the university’s official Template for writing their master’s theses. In addition, students must carefully review the Study and Assessment Regulations and Master Thesis Assessment Criteria. All documents are available on the university’s website (“legal and regulatory resources”).
  • Presentation and Defence: The master’s thesis must have been evaluated with a grade of 3.8 or higher to attend the Presentation and Defence course. A detailed schedule will be announced via Moodle and/or via e-mail. Students have 20 minutes to present their theses, another 15 minutes is for discussion. Apart from subject knowledge, grading criteria are presentation structure (information flow, line of argument etc.), design (formatting, figures, animations etc.), mechanics (grammar, typos, citation etc.), appearance (eye contact, gestures etc.), and elocution (language, clarity, rhetoric etc.).