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11th Liechtenstein Annual Convention on Foundation Law

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Dr. Dietmar Baur
Fürstl. Rat Hans Brunhart
Dagmar Bühler-Nigsch
Prof. Dr. iur. Alexandra Butterstein, LL.M.
Dr. Ilira Cela, LL.M.
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsprüfer Rainer Marxer
M.A. HSG Thomas Nigg, LL.M.
Lic. oec. HSG Oliver C. Oehri
Dr. Paolo Panico, TEP
lic. iur. Thomas Ritter, M.B.L.-HSG
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Francesco A. Schurr
Hanna Surmatz
Dr. Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Dr.iur. HSG Dipl.Arch. ETH


24.10.2018 08:30 - 17:00


The programme begins with contributions to the current case law of the Liechtenstein foundation law and to the praxis of the foundation supervisory authority (STIFA).

The second part of the morning programme covers the topics "The Foundation as Will Substitute from a Comparative Law Perspective" and "The Reform of Inheritance Law in Austria and its Effects on Foundations". Also the presentation on the new foundation laws in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New Hampshire will be particularly valuable for the further development of the Liechtenstein foundation law.

The afternoon programme first focuses on the deletion of the foundation's files and on the conflict resolution mechanisms in Liechtenstein private foundations.

This is followed by a presentation on the changing foundation's location. Then, the accounting regulations are examined from the auditor's point of view as well as solutions and practical issues for segmented non-profit foundations. The two final presentations address from a comparative law perspective the supervisory structures of foundations as well as the regulations in the EEA and their effects on foundations.

Corresponding rounds of questions, in which the participants are very welcome to participate, follow the presentations.

Target Audience

Lawyers, trustees, judges, public prosecutors, employees in banks, insurance companies and financial service providers, jurists as well as any people interested in specifically gaining an understanding of foundation law issues.

Information Contact

lic. iur. Frédérique Lambrecht, LL.M.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Francesco A. Schurr


CHF 810 per person including conference materials, a certificate of participation, lunch and an aperitif.


Oct 14, 2018


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