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"What is the Best Way for Your Company to Innovate and Why?" - Exclusive Vertical Integration or Inclusive Horizontal Co-Creation

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Prof. Dr. oec. Sigvald Harryson


Spring 2024
2-Day-Workshop 09.00 - 17.30
with Apéro afterwards


Participants acquire learnings from 20 years of research on one of the hottest topics today - causing challenges that most companies are facing and have to solve.

They apply the learnings to their business realities for immediate acceleration of innovation - horizontally, vertically or both.

The executives are engaged in an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of two polar extremes in value chain integration:
1. Exclusive vertical integration as pioneered by Ford 80 years ago and as taken yet further by Tesla
2. Inclusive horizontal co-creation as practiced by Porsche since more than 50 years and intensified over the past 20 years.
Executives (and MBA students) will get an in-depth program day I to explore and analyse these two polar value chain positions so as to deliver the following points in interactive presentations day II:

1. Take a stance and decide to develop arguments for vertical integration, and/or horizontal co-creation based on a wide range of company examples
2. Take a new company as example of successful application of vertical, or horizontal, integration/ co-creation
3. Apply the learnings to one company represented by the Executives in each respective team so as to present a clear plan for the following:
A. vertical integration, or horizontal co-creation - based on clear advantages with the selected strategy and the risks
B. at least one identified value chain partner candidate relevant to the case company with a plan for how to pursue vertical integration of that partner, or horizontal co-creation with that partner, including estimated costs and timelines
C. the expected results in terms of innovation, revenues and profits of pursuing A, or B or both A and B.

For clarity, the Teams of Executives and MBA students can also choose to present how one value chain partner can be included BOTH through vertical integration AND horizontal co-creation to then suggest which value chain strategy is best for capturing most value from the identified partner."

Sigvald Harryson is a Professor of Disruptive Innovation at HULT Business School in San Francisco and also teaches at HULT in London and Dubai. He is the founder of HCG, INNOVENTUM, and iKNOW-WHO. His first Ph.D. was on Japanese R&D Management and his second was on Breakthrough Innovation. His book DISRUPTING INNOVATION was recently published in co-authorship with Dr. Johan Roos.

Information Contact

Mag. iur. Petra Schwärzler
Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht


CHF 2'990 for up to 2 participants. Each additional person from the company CHF 1'450.

If there are several participants from the same company, please fill out a separate registration form for each participant!


Feb 16, 2024


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