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Alumni and their careers

With a degree from the University of Liechtenstein, you have the best career opportunities. In this blog you can get to know alumni and their success stories.

800 students from 40 nations learn their skills at the University of Liechtenstein.
This means that every year many educated, motivated people leave the campus to compete in the world of work.

In 2020, there were 273 graduates, armed with a bachelor's, master's or postgraduate master's degree from the University of Liechtenstein. But do alumni feel equipped for the world of work after studying at the University of Liechtenstein? What skills do they take with them from their time at university? How do they put what they have learned into practice?

Alumni, we stay in touch!

To follow the impressive careers and to stay in touch with our former students, there is the Alumni Club ULA of the University of Liechtenstein. The ULA provides a central platform for exchange. On the Unicommunity.li alumni platform, alumni have the opportunity to participate in various events, such as the Alumni Reunion, to stay in touch with their alma mater and thus also to expand their personal network.


As former students, alumni are an important building block for the future of the University of Liechtenstein. Whether as ambassadors or as a link to business, politics and society - alumni help shape our young university beyond their graduation.

Get to know the alumni of the University of Liechtenstein

In order to pay tribute to these ambassadors, we have created the Alumni Portraits. In these portraits, our former students tell us how they fared after graduation. Click here for the latest portrait with Bettina Komminoth. 



The Alumni Portraits are now also available as video portraits!

To give us an even better insight into the working world of our alumni, we now also have visual portraits. Click here for the first video portrait with Mathias Vogt:  

VIDEO Portrait Mathias Vogt


Keep in touch with us: The most important links for alumni #unili at a glance

Your contact person for Alumni Affairs is Samantha Zogg, please contact her or: 

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Text: Samantha Zogg, Communication and Marketing, University of Liechtenstein