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So check to whom you commit yourself for a course of study! International career opportunities through a degree programme

If you want to pursue an international career, you need good planning and should focus on the most important cornerstones. But which factors are crucial for landing a management position in an international environment later on?

 "Yes, I want!" - but how?

An important prerequisite is still a successfully completed degree. This degree directly demonstrates that you have the skills of self-organization, stamina and resilience in exam situations. These are virtues that are required in the working world and are becoming increasingly important in order to stand out from the competition. Which subject one chooses to study is, of course, a matter of taste and owes to one's own interests and preferences. Regardless of the subject, however, the choice of the right university for the development of one's own professional skills and personality is decisive for the success of one's studies.

Do we fit together?

There are great differences here and one should inform oneself early on about the respective advantages and disadvantages. Is it enough to attend lectures with 300 or more fellow students or do you appreciate the individual support at a university with significantly fewer students? Do you want to hide away or do you want to face the challenges of group work and presentations in manageable seminar groups? Points such as the question about the chance of a stay abroad, the international orientation of the study programme, the equipment of the department, the networking of the university with the economy and, of course, with internationally active companies, the offer of jobs and internships through the support of the institution, are also very decisive factors.

Let us get to know each other!
The best impression is gained by a personal visit to the respective university. For this purpose, the University of Liechtenstein offers taster days in the form of "Student for a day" formats for Bachelor's degree programmes or Master's Taster Days for future Master's students. Here, students can immerse themselves in various workshops in the fields of business administration or architecture and get to know the campus and students on site. At information evenings at the university, students and lecturers from all degree programmes provide personal and individual advice on topics such as study content, career prospects, admission requirements as well as jobs and internships. The International Office, Accommodation and Student Engagement teams are on hand to answer questions about studying abroad during your studies and about #unili campus life. The University of Liechtenstein also provides individual and personal advice outside of the fixed appointments. The study program managers can be reached by e-mail, but also by phone, to clarify open professional concerns. If you have any questions about everyday study life, you are welcome to contact the Student Ambassadors at the University of Liechtenstein.

Together through thick and thin!
Practical experience gained in addition to your studies and first international stays are decisive for future professional success. It is therefore recommended to look for internships or part-time jobs as early as possible. It is good if the university can demonstrate a good network to the economy and, in the best case, also establishes a connection between students and companies right away. In the case of the University of Liechtenstein, it is the unicommunity platform that provides excellent support here. Internships or part-time jobs show commitment to the future employer and can be supported by good certificates and references. Not to be forgotten is the network that can be built up during one's studies. Excellent English skills are also essential for climbing the career ladder. The best way to acquire these skills is to spend time abroad in an English-speaking country. The International Office of the University of Liechtenstein supports students in this search with over 80 partner universities in order to achieve an optimal combination of experience abroad and studies.

Divorce? Out of the question!

Those who are truly satisfied with their choice of university and the opportunities it offers are happy to stay connected and become a part of the institution and its network after graduation. It's a "win-win situation" for both sides.


Author: Friederike Metzler, Communication and Marketing, University of Liechtenstein

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