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International students: Liechtenstein meets the world

From the big wide world to Liechtenstein

A small country in the middle of Europe, surrounded by nature, the Alps and a few banks. Liechtenstein is pretty, for sure, has an "impressive mountain world, lively culture, charming villages and entrepreneurial opportunities" as it says on the homepage of Liechtenstein Marketing (www.liechtenstein.li). But our country is not really known for wild nightlife, big cities and lots of young people. You would think that these are the things students want when they choose where to study. So why do students from all over the world choose Liechtenstein every year?

Because the Principality and its university have a lot to offer after all and the "impressive mountain world" is already very impressive.



Claudia Wong from Hong Kong is studying architecture for her Master's degree at the University of Liechtenstein, she is writing her Master's thesis and enjoys the alpine panorama and the friendly people in the small principality. She is not the only one who appreciates the Liechtenstein atmosphere; her fellow student Carlos Vazquez from Mexico also enjoys the friendly get-together in the small Alpine country and its university.



Feeling at home in the sixth smallest state in the world. This feeling of being at home is created above all by students from all over the world living together. Whether in student residences in shared flats or as subtenants with Liechtensteiners. Students from Albania, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Finland, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Spain, etc. mingle with the 38,000 locals and enjoy living together, like Chandima Hewage from Sri Lanka. For this blog entry, the Master's architecture student tells us what brought her to Liechtenstein.


Why did you come to Liechtenstein?

I came to Liechtenstein to complete my master’s degree in Architecture. Even though I have already studied in Australia and the UK and travelled to a few other European countries, I was still excited to come here and immerse myself in this beautiful landscape, new food, cultural perspectives, customs, traditions and social atmospheres in Liechtenstein and gain greater understanding of the world.  Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria, which allows me to travel and explore the architecture of these two neighboring countries as well.


What do you particularly like about Liechtenstein?

Since I come here, I have a better insight into the people and the history of this country. It allowed me to experience a completely new way of life. Now I live happyly in Liechtenstein because of its beautiful natural geographical location. The mountain scenery  thatI see through my window every day when I wake up refreshes my soul. I have discovered many new activities and interests, such as hiking and skiing, that I might never  have discovered if I had not come here.

Further I love the unity of the community in this nation. Friendly and happy people who greet me ‘Hoi’ make me feel warm inside.


What makes your studies in Liechtenstein so special?

When I was looking for a university online, I discovered that the only university offering an upcycling master’s programme in English is the University of Liechtenstein. Even though it was sometimes overwhelming being alone in a new place , this diverse situation helped to highlight my independent nature and put it to good use.

In March 2022 our field trip  week took place in Munich in Germany, where we met with many architects and had an opportunity to visit some of the buildings they had designed and learn how upcycling is implemented in this city. Apart from this trip,  I had the opportunity to look at different projects, case studies and trade fairs during the past three months and gain more insights into the sustainable constructions in this region. I am grateful to my professors for organizing such experience for us and encouraging us to explore the unique individual within us. I have the offer to take part in a workshop in Belgium in June 2022 and the study abroad program allows me to study at TUM Germany next semester. This different kind of education and the professors I meet at the university, allow me to discover the person I could become. I believe that experiences such as this will enrich us as students to become a better architect, even more in character building and expand my thinking in problem solving.



The individual support of the university, the impressive mountain scenery, the central location of the small state and the nice people are just a few aspects of why students from all over the world come to Liechtenstein every semester and feel at home in the small country in the middle of Europe, surrounded by nature, nature, nature, the Alps and many nice people, finds Bachelor Business Administration student Hana Gashi. 


Author: Samantha Zogg (Kommunikation und Marketing, Uni Liechtenstein)

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