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Pro bono projects of the University of Liechtenstein

Pro bono projects are designed to motivate students to step outside their comfort zone and broaden their experience. Here follow the current projects:

Promoting critical thinking, acquiring problem-solving skills, and forming one's personality are part of the curriculum in all subjects at the University of Liechtenstein, in addition to traditional education. Decisivly contributing are pro bono projects and initiatives for the benefit of the community, thus strengthening the sense of responsibility towards society. The projects are divided into three phases: In the concept phase, ideas are developed and analyses are conducted; in the execution phase, the ideas are translated into reality; and the reflection phase is used by students to look back on the process. In the current academic year, the following student projects were implemented at the Institute of Architecture and Planning.

WissWak - A pro bono object airborne

The architecture students Sabrina Fleisch, Lina Gasperi, Ronja Kessler and Silva Stecher of the University of Liechtenstein have initiated and implemented the mobile exhibition pavilion WissWak in cooperation with the Alpine Club of Vorarlberg. The exhibition presents the topics of avalanches, Totalphütte and their reconstruction after destruction by an avalanche. The exhibition can be visited from September 10, 2020 to autumn 2021 when the Totalphütte, 215, Vandans, is open. https://probono2020.jimdofree.com/

The mobile exhibition pavilion WissWak is flown to its location next to the Totalphütte in Vorarlberg.

The builders of the WissWak, Lina Gasperi, Ronja Kessler, Silvia Stecher and Sabrina Fleisch (from left), together with helpers from the Vorarlberg Alpine Club.


Lost Place & Media Art Festival - Pro Bono adds color to the game

For 20 years, the area of the former slaughterhouse in Villingen-Schwenningen has lain abandoned. In September 2020, the site was transformed into a special field of experimentation for two days: Four students from the University of Liechtenstein Jill Bürk, Hans Hatt, Felice Pfeiffer and Gordian Graf Strachwitz as well as artists from the  State University of Music Trossingen and the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences showed parts of the site quite literally in a new light under the title "Instandsetzung!" ("Repair!") as part of a Lost Place & Media Art Festival and provided space for discussions about the future of the abattoir.

Visitors to the media art festival on the grounds of the old slaughterhouse in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Responsible for the pro bono project Lost Places: architecture students Gordian Graf Strachwitz, Felice Pfeiffer, Jill Bürk and Hans Hatt (from left).


RE: Post Generator - Students of the University of Liechtenstein upcycle old postal clothing.

The four architecture students David Juen, Vincent Kogler, Franziska Möhrle and Valerie Rainer developed a workshop series and implemented it together with Österreichische Post AG, Poolbar and BIORAMA. In the first workshop, young creatives developed new upcycling ideas for the discarded service clothing of postal employees. A second workshop will be dedicated to vacant postal buildings. The upcycling project incl. TV report with Valerie Rainer: https://wien.orf.at/stories/3071321/


David Juen, Vincent Kogler, Franziska Möhrle and Valerie Rainer worked together to develop upcycling ideas for discarded postal uniforms.


Online-Infoevents for prospective students

  • 19. Mai: Online Student for a day BWL and Architektur

Register here: www.uni.li/studentforaday

  • 20. Mai: Online Master Infoevent

Register here: www.uni.li/master-infoabend

  • 9. Juni: Online Bachelor Infoevent BWL und Architektur

Register here: www.uni.li/bachelor-infoabend


Text: Heike Esser / Kommunikation und Marketing, Universität Liechtenstein

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