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START Vaduz: Pitching in the Four-Country Corner

The Road to START Summit 2022, which recently took place in Vaduz, was a complete success. With countless participants and seven early-stage startups that presented themselves, START Vaduz enabled an excellent hybrid pitching contest after the great Corona time.

Sodex, an automation company from neighboring Austria, won the contest and earned a ticket to Europe's leading student-run conference for entrepreneurship and technology, with a chance to win CHF 10,000. 

Liechtenstein’s largest student-run entrepreneurship initiative!

START Vaduz as part of START Global, the largest entrepreneuship network in Europe, has been striving since 2004 to communicate and promote entrepreneurial thinking and action in Liechtenstein. This motivation is not only being fueled by various events such as pitching contests, founder talks, or company visits but also events, specifically aimed at students from surrounding universities and technical institutes. Goal is to bring together people from a wide range of disciplines, resulting in new ideas, a broader network and finally startups. 

With the great opportunity to meet new people, even from different faculties of the university, I have come to know and love the network that has been created. With cool team and networking events, you get to meet a lot of new people really quickly. 

I can only recommend you to join the student association START Vaduz at our small university in Liechtenstein. We always find room for your creativity and enthusiasm.  I am looking forward to meeting you at the events or even welcoming you as part of START Vaduz in the summer. Here you can become part of out Team.  

220307_Blog_START Vaduz_Benjamin-Beckh_quer_web.jpg"Because I value the opportunity for personal growth and development and the chance to be part of something bigger, I am part of START Vaduz"

Benjamin Beckh
Bachelor Business Administration, University of Liechtenstein
New Vice President of START Vaduz


Other events of START Vaduz are:  

Pioneers Club: the event promotes entrepreneurial thinking on a specific topic, we invite founders, VCs or CEOs from the DACH region to a Q&A session where we try to translate this aspiration into practice. The platform to connect wild ideas with people. 

AI & ...: At each event we talk about a hot topic in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem and afterwards there is time for networking. 

Company visits: get to know the leading companies here in Liechtenstein! Every semester we have at least one company visit to one of our partners or leading companies and startups in the region. 

Intern workshops  

... and so much more! Follow START Vaduz on social media and be always informed when the next events will take place.




The new board of START Vaduz

  • President: Johannes Wunsch (BSc BWL) 
  • Vice: Benjamin Beckh (BSc BWL) 
  • Head of Operations: Joel Kretz (BSc BWL) 
  • Head of Marketing: Lennart Krebs (MSc Entrepreneurship und Management) 
  • Head of IT: Anna Prugger (MSc Entrepreneurship und Management) 
  • Head of Finance: Moritz Graf (MSc Entrepreneurship und Management) 
  • Head of HR: Sonja Warschkow (MSc Entrepreneurship und Management) 

Key facts START Vaduz

 45+ active members (students of the University of Liechtenstein)

 50+ Alumi (all over Europe)

 Recruitment always in September, at the same time as the start of the new semester.

 More infos you find on the website of START Vaduz  

Get STARTed to be part of something bigger!     

Author: Arani Jeyakumar,

Business Administration Student at the University of Liechtenstein
Student Ambassador
since 2020 at START Vaduz

Comes from: St. Gallen

Studies: Bachelor in Business Administration with specialization in international Management and Entrepreneurship

Why Business Administration at the University of Liechtenstein: I was at a larger university and quickly realized that the small, familiar University of Liechtenstein suits me much better.

Hobbies: recently I started pottery and excursions into nature. And of course traveling!

Three tips for those interested in the Bachelor of Business Administration:
1. be open to all fellow students: this opens unexpected doors and opportunities.
2. always stay on the ball during lectures to avoid stress at the end of the semester
3. enjoy everything there is on campus!


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