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Study and work: Career Service Offers

How the Career Service supports students

What to do after graduation? Which job suits me? How do I apply correctly? How do I design my application?...
Students are already occupied with such questions during their studies.

In order to answer these questions between exam stress, deadlines and lectures, there is the Career Service of the University of Liechtenstein.
Like everything at the University of Liechtenstein, the Career Service is characterized by direct, personal contact and short distances. If it is normally the open door to the office G216, it is currently the telephone line, the e-mail inbox as well as the online Career Service offers, which are open to students at any time.

To best support students in their career planning, Career Services offers workshops as well as individual career coaching sessions with experienced advisors.

The changeover to online advising, workshops and coaching sessions last semester went smoothly. The online implementation is appreciated by the students, as they can participate regardless of location and currently job interviews etc. also take place online.

How does Career Service ensure appropriate support and guidance for students' career planning?


Step 1 Preparation

With free workshops, 1 to 1 coaching and counseling, students are individually prepared for their future.
Workshop leaders take time with each participant, address individual needs and questions, and provide tips for a successful future.

" Review the cultural fit with the company, be authentic, practice presenting yourself with your skills profile and strengthen your resilience! "
Dr. Larissa Rogner, career services advisor, student advisor and coach.

To the workshops

1 to 1 Coaching

CV Check


Step 2 Getting to know employers

Well-known companies conduct their recruitment and employer branding activities in cooperation with the Career Centers at the University of Liechtenstein campus (or online).
Corporate workshops, company presentations or online brownbag lunches, offer students the opportunity to get to know their potential future employers.

Step 3: Find jobs

The Career Service job board unicommunity.li offers a variety of job opportunities (internships, entry-level, etc.) in Liechtenstein, the region, and worldwide. Likewise, students can view company profiles on the platform, create a profile, register for workshops and thus get in touch with their future employers.

With these steps, the Career Service of the University of Liechtenstein wants to equip our students for their future. So that the question "How to continue after graduation?" becomes an answer "Here's how to continue after graduation! ".


Text: Samantha Zogg, Alumni & Career Services, Communication and Marketing, University of Liechtenstein


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